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We say goodbye and you say hello to a return to the beach bars (hopefully)

Well, Fanny may have seen sense after the consumerwatchfoundation.com sent an  open letter to her, asking why Spain’s beaches were being turned into Costa Concretes AND why the iconic beach bars in Punta Prima on the Costa Blanca had been closed over-night.

Rumours are flying around that the Sunrise Bar is about to open again this weekend! Nobody really knows what’s happening – but many have heard it through the grapevine and there is a hand-written poster pinned to the wooden shack saying Opening 16 September. Simple as that really.

The consumerwatchfoundation.com has been travelling in Europe for the past four months writing about all sorts of things relating to ex-pat life in Spain and Portugal … and the story of the closing of the Punta Prima beach bars was first published here!

The European Press quickly followed up our story and the pressure was on.

So, as we say Goodbye for a few months – hopefully the Sunrise Bar will say Hello … we say Goodbye and you say Hello … so to speak!

Let us know at the consumerwatchfoundation.com what happens over the bars! Indeed send us pictures if it actually opens again .. send us pictures of all the disappointed music lovers if it doesn’t. We will carry on the fight to have ALL three bars re-opened.

Lets not forget thousands of Brits and Spanish music lovers were shocked to find that the  Punta Prima bars were closed without warning after a decade of music in the sun.

The closures followed hard on the heels of live music being banned at the Chill-Out Bar on a peninsula of rock which had earned the reputation of being the Costa’s Cafe del Mar.

One ex-pat said: “This is a calamity for our way of life, these three bars by the sea were buzzing with live bands and thousands of people people, ex-pats from all nations, and Spanish families got together every week.

“The bars were getting to be known all over the world. They were famous for the music, dancing, long happy hours, lots of fun and bringing everybody together.

“But now the owners have lost their income, staff have lost their jobs and we’ve lost a decade of brilliant entertainment.”

So, as we say farewell, let us know if the beach bar does open this weekend – and if it doesn’t contact Fanny and tell her the music should NEVER be over!

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