My little lion-hearted lady who lopped off her locks for love

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By presenter Rachel Brunsden

Another proud ‘aunty moment’ presented itself to me when my seven-year-old niece decided that she wanted to donate her beautiful long hair to the Variety Club’s “Hair With Heart” initiative.

This philanthropic venture donates human hair to be made into wigs which are then given to children who are undergoing cancer treatment and have  lost their hair.

Immy has been growing her hair her whole life and finally, on her seventh birthday, she decided to do this astonishing thing!

Variety specifies that the hair must be 14 inches – or 35.5 centimetres – long before it can be a viable donation. Immy smashed that requirement with her 16.5 inch or 41.9cm hair.

My sister, Kiri Brunsden said: “It wasn’t the intention to ever let it get that long, but one day Imogen said she didn’t want short hair so we just let it grow with a few little trims to keep it looking fab!

“Once it hit the middle of her back we could see that she was a rock star at growing hair so we knew we had to do something special. We talked to Immy about Hair with Heart and what they did for children and she loved the idea straight away, no hesitation at all.

“Then it was the countdown to 14 inches”.

Imogen was in good hands the day she lopped her locks.

Mel of  Pamper and Peace Adelaide, South Australia, took extra special care with Immy and her precious cargo.

Mel specialises in full transformations. She adores making people their best selves. Kiri said: “Mel is an amazing human being. She lives for her job and transforming people. She is so soulful, infectiously happy, high o life and all it has to offer. Her home salon is filled with all things Mel. Colour, texture plants and fun.”

And what about Immy’s new hair do? Did she love it? I am told she did and left the salon swishing her new shorter style.

Well done Mel!

Immy’s sister, Aida was a little miffed that her hair wasn’t quite long enough that day, but soon she will join her sister in the little hero hall of fame.

I find it extraordinary that a seven-year-old was willing to give up her gorgeous hair to help another little girl who was sick. What depth that demonstrates.  What an astounding level of compassion, empathy and community spirit Imogen has.

We could all take a leaf out of her book. I have been so inspired by my brave and beautiful nieces, Aida and Imogen that I have committed to take part in the “Shave for a cure” campaign run by the Leukaemia Foundation in March next year. I will be gaining sponsors and having my head shaved and donate the proceeds to the Leukaemia Foundation.

It’s time I followed in my trail-blazing niece’s footsteps.

What small, or even large gesture can you make to help someone less fortunate today?

Any gesture helps ease the suffering of others If you find yourself searching for inspiration, please re-read this article and share it far and wide. You never know what a difference you can make until you pledge to make one.

Tell us here at the about your own or other people’s efforts to help others …

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