Loneliness of the long-distance climber – sadness as Andrew takes on gruelling Three Peaks again

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Some memories should be written in stone … and a family and a group  of parental alienation campaigners remembered one of their own with a small plaque placed on top of a Welsh mountain.

Andrew begins his long trek over the three peaks

Matthew John Ali, aged 50, had recently become a new high-profile figure in the battle against broken families after he joined Andrew John Teague, from NAAP and D.A.D.s (dads against double standards) in the never-ending quest of climbing the highest mountains in the UK and Europe.

Andrew and Matthew were due to team up again to tackle the gruelling Three Peaks challenge. Sadly, Matthew passed away.

Andrew went on alone to complete the course in record time and on his return to Swansea, Matthew’s family and friends and fellow campaigners climbed to the top of Pen y Fan, the highest peak in South Wales in the Brecon Beacons.

Andrew said: “The stone is  fairly heavy, a real memorial on to the stone. It is such a sad situation. Matthew had a big send off  but I couldn’t be there – but this is a fitting tribute to a man who wanted to put things right for families.

“Matthew climbed Pen y Fan  a few weeks ago. He too had been alienated but reunited with his children – a  really nice down to earth guy wanted to help others.”

“As we laid the stone, it was like a sign, the wind died right down and everything went quiet. Very moving moment.”

Recently, the death toll among parents estranged from their children has risen …but sadly these deaths are crosses that CAFCASS, the family courts and social workers are NOT  willing to bear… and while they refuse to recognise that their methods are in many cases driving their ‘clients’ to the brink, this new ‘book of the dead’ will be added to again and again.

Andrew said: “I  put a cross together recently because I was so saddened to hear of  more parents gone, another child who has lost filial love and the chance of a future with both parents.”

He took it that to the top of Pen y Fan too.

Andrew, from Swansea, said: “I can only imagine the pain, hurt and suffering the family must feel and knowing they are powerless to do anything.
“How many more need to go through this? It’s hell on earth for any parent, grandparent and family members.

“The courts across the world don’t want to admit there is parental alienation … we need to educate these people in power over what is happening and stop people being forced to feel so low about their relationships with their children that they go to these tragic lengths.

“I have spoken to 100 or so members in the few months who have been suicidal and I know of many who have survived overdoses and self-medication with alcohol.

“The awful thing is that many parents become alienated from their children because of manipulation and lies and because of the unfairness of it all and anxiety if it all they get depressed – and their depression is used against them by social workers in court to prove their not fit to be parents!”

And the number of grandparents taking their own lives after being cut off from their grandchildren has been highlighted by an MP.

Nigel Huddleston  says that at least ten people have killed themselves following family splits. Campaigners want the law changed so kids have a right to see their grandparents.

The recent decision by the World Health Organisation to recognise parental alienation has also highlighted the condition.

It is to be included in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases, to come into effect at the beginning of 2022.


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