Looking good – but is it really ‘no sweat’?

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Whatever happened to growing old gracefully? People today are looking old before their time.

And it is self-inflicted!
Now, before people misunderstand me, let me elaborate a little. As I go on social media, walk the streets or just sit quietly in a coffee shop, I see young people with lips like inflated life-rafts, eyebrows sewn on and even obvious signs of facelifts.
I have a friend who has had surgery to reconstruct his whole facial structure after they were involved in a road traffic accident. They had the surgery due to breathing and sight implications, which is life changing both mentally and physically.

This, I don’t see any issue with.
However, what I personally don’t agree with is females having breast implants as young as 18 because they are being body shamed. Or males and females having gastric surgery in the search of what modern society deems as the perfect body.

As I said before it’s for health purposes it’s fine. But if it’s just for society then I disagree!
A new craze now with Botox isn’t just putting it in your face, but in your armpits  –   it stops you from sweating. Now I’m no expert but surely this cannot be healthy.
Maybe it’s just me and I find that beauty is on the inside not just that out.

But please people of today, if you are young, grow old gracefully and if at some point as you get older and you want to look younger go for it. But when young, stay young. Look young and don’t put chemicals into yourself.

Be happy in yourself and not how you think others would like you to look.


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