Has that ‘man of peace’ Blair gone to war on democracy in the UK now?

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Is it possible that Britain has just witnessed one of the biggest acts of political treachery in recent times?

Tony Blair has called on Labour voters to forget party allegiances and back pro-EU candidates in any political camp.

Surely, this is a call to reverse the result of a democratic decision by the British people to go for Brexit, while potentially sending members of his own party to defeat at the General Election?

Yet Blair said he was not calling for ‘tactical voting’ but saying people should vote ‘on an informed basis’ about leaving Europe.

Isn’t he actually saying that the millions of people in the UK who voted to leave are just too stupid to know what they were doing? 

It is shocking to see the man – who took the world into a war with terror on unstable grounds – showing no loyalty to the party which allowed him to become rich beyond the dreams of any common man.

Unlike President George W. Bush — Blair’s partner in the Iraq War, the biggest foreign policy disaster of modern times — Tony Blair has not gone quietly into that good night of retirement.

Surely the Chilcot report would have made most people want to keep their heads down…

Meanwhile, across the great divide Sir Michael Fallon indicated that the Tory manifesto would not contain ‘prescriptive’ promises.

His comment will further raise fears the Conservative Party will hike taxes if it wins the election.

In 2015 the party campaigned on a promise not to raise income tax, national insurance or VAT.

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