Marching for Bryan – and all the victims of Parental Alienation

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A world-wide protest against parental alienation began earlier today (Tuesday, July 27, 2017) with events in cities in Canada, the US, Malaysia, Northern Ireland and across Britain.

Bryan Carter

The tragic announcement about two fathers, in their 30s, who died last week, was made on the run-up to the major protests which have been dedicated to them.

Events are are expected to take place outside up to 50 court houses in the UK, America and other parts of the world.

Bryan Carter, aged 36, who lived in Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, died last week. He is expected to be buried with two of his children who died from medical complications. He had spent a long time fighting to maintain contact with his remaining daughters.

We have been asked to withhold the name of the other victim, from the UK, out of respect for his family.

A gofundme plea has already raised more than 3,000 dollars towards Bryan’s funeral expenses,

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One thought on “Marching for Bryan – and all the victims of Parental Alienation

  1. Parenta Alienation is a savage crime. It should be a Capital Crime. Those commiting it should be given minimum of 20 years as should the enablers of it. Ruin a family and never see the light of day. That is even too good for such monsters. I know it first hand. In America is it not only legal but protected by immunity for enablers. Sick and vile.

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