You may mock, but UFOs really do exist – and I can prove it!

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As you may know from reading my previous posts I am an avid sky watcher, whether it be day or night.

But whilst looking I sometimes view anomalies.

Not only do I use my phone apps, but I also use the Internet and official website trackers to try and help me identify such objects.

Some of the time, using technology, I find out the anomalies are satellites or, on the odd occasion, a military training exercise.

But I don’t always buy into this… I used to be one of the best in my class for aircraft recognition. If the military tells me there were two Typhoons flying over, I know automatically what the official story is or isn’t.

I remember years ago being on a base in the UK and as we were walking past some hangers, I saw this thing that looked like something from a futuristic film.

We were told to keep moving and that ‘what we had you’ve just seen is not what you think it is’.

Years later I found out that it was a Taranis UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). These are drones that resemble the Stealth bomber.

But the Taranis has smoother edges and no pilot onboard. They can be used for reconnaissance and are equipped for assault.

If I see something that I cannot identify, this goes in to the UFO category for me.

But when I tell people I’ve seen a UFO they start to laugh and judge me.

I find this silly –  that they can ridicule me for this, as they are the ones who automatically jump to the conclusion it is a flying saucer with a little green man onboard!

I personally believe that 99pc of UFOs are man-made and are military vehicles we are not aware of.

The head of an advanced aircraft manufacturer allegedly said on his death bed “whatever you think we have, times that by 100 and you’re not even close”.

To be honest what he allegedly said isn’t really that far-fetched. People haven’t really been flying all that long in the evolution of mankind.

It’s not even been 100 years yet since the great Amelia Earhart flown solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Thirty years after the passing of Amelia Earhart, the fastest manned flight won its title in 1967. The X-15 reached a maximum speed of Mach 6.70 which is about 5140mph.

To sit and think that from the Wright Brothers to Amelia Earhart to the fastest manned flight took just over 60 years and we are now 50+ years on from the X-15. What could we have?

What could be over our heads on a daily basis? What could be passing us as we sit on a flight to our holiday destinations?

All I know is these aircraft really are UFOs…


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