Message from a Li’l Legend to all the wicked monsters in the never-ending story of parental alienation

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There is a little girl who is fighting as hard as anybody to expose the shame of parental alienation to the grown-up world.

She is not even 10 years old.

Many of you reading this will probably already know who she is … but we have been asked to keep her name out of things because of the fear of ribbing from her schoolmates.

Because, yes, we all know how cruel children are …

But they can never be as cruel as the wicked people who drive an emotional wedge between a young person and a parent.

These people are the modern-day wicked witches and monsters of our children’s’ worst nightmares. Sadly, they also haunt the dreams of millions of adults too.

How shameful these people are.

They deliberately destroy dreams, hopes, ambition, futures, faith, honesty, truthfulness, families  … and they destroy their own children too.

An alienator is cannibalistic, devouring their own child’s happiness, an alienator is the new demon of misery, a tunnel-visioned Cyclops born of the thunder of their own anger.

The Li’l Legend sadly, despite the tenderness of her age, already knows the pain of parental alienation and one day recently, unprompted and in the silence of her bedroom, she sat down and wrote this for us all:

“To all you alienated parents remember that your children rely on you to fight for them in court just like my father did for me and that has made my life a lot easier now. That’s what you need to do please share and let others know that too. Li’l Legend.”

And her words ring to true as far as the fairytale world of those brothers and sisters grim of social care are concerned.

The Li’l Legend’s words, in their own way highlight, the failings of social and family care systems across the world … social workers, Cafcass in the UK and family courts every day need to heed her plea and fight for our children, not their ‘child-snatcher’ bonuses, their profit and loss sheets, not their tick boxes or their Damoclese-ean decision making.


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