Why we should all be music to the ears of our local bands…

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If, like me, you love music then you know listening to it live is an amazing experience, whether it’s at an arena, festival or pub.

All should have the same respect when performing.

I personally like to go out and watch local bands in pubs. But when I’m there one thing that stands out for me, is how people just sit and talk to one another, rather than watching the artists.

Now to me that’s like going to a comedy club and talking amongst yourselves whilst someone is telling jokes. It’s not being respectful to the people who have put time and effort in to trying to entertaining the masses.

I often hear people saying to bands “I bet you make lots of money” or complaining saying “you are so expensive”.

The thing is you aren’t just paying for people to stand and sing, you are paying for all the years they’ve had lessons, the time they take out to practice every week in their own time, the cost of all their equipment and the maintenance of it, the cost of transport to and from venues. So the next time you go and watch a band or hire one, just give them your time and take a minute to think of the sacrifices they make.

I am lucky in the town I’m from as a lot of the local musicians are young upcoming performers. Over the last 15 years I’ve seen an increase in venues putting on jam nights, mainly run by a chap I like to call the Godfather of the local music scene, Greg Davies.

This man has not only give youngsters places to go, but gives them encouragement, lessons, tips on performing and shares his vast knowledge of years of performing around the world in front of sold-out crowds.

The main thing that stands out regarding local music though, is that it’s free to watch. It costs nothing but a few hours of your time. The band will appreciate you watching and you will have fun whilst being entertained.

So please, local music needs you! Go out, drink responsibly, have fun, get along with one another, sing and dance. But more than anything bond over this wonderful gift that we receive called music.


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