It’s only natural to have a break-up with your make-up every now and again…

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I’ve written before about the negative impacts that wearing make-up can have on you. Don’t get me wrong, I love make-up, I have a box (or two) filled to the brim with eyeliners, mascaras, every colour eyeshadow under the sun and all different shades of lipsticks.

And I hardly ever leave the house without my winged eyeliner and a dab of concealer to make me look less like a Walking Dead extra.

However, when I wrote about this topic before, it was more a round-up of what other people thought and what experts said about make-up and the impact on young people’s mental health.

It wasn’t about what I personally thought on the matter. So, I decided to sit down and have a long, hard think about the junk I’m smearing all over my face on a daily basis.

I’ve been an avid make-up wearer since I was 14, I’m now 23 and although my make-up routine has changed (for the better I hope, I no longer smudge inky black eyeshadow over my eyelids until I  resemble a raccoon in school uniform).

I barely even contemplate the reason why I spend ten to fifteen minutes of my morning doing my make-up.

But, what I actually think about make-up is complicated.

I think its great, on the surface, a nice lipstick or a new eyeliner can make you feel so much more confident in yourself, not to mention concealer is a god-send when you have a spot pop up overnight.

However, in my opinion, it is so easy to become reliant on it and not celebrate your appearance without it.

People put too much emphasis on how you look nowadays, everyone is judged if they look different when being different is what we should be proud of. Bullying is rife amongst not just teenagers, but the adult world as well.

The pettiness you thought you would leave behind at school carries on into the ‘real world’ and leaves you second guessing yourself.

I love going on holiday, for all the reasons you may think, to get some sun, and to explore new places, to have a break from work and relax.

But I also like it because on holiday, I hardly put any make-up on. This is partly due to the fact that the extreme humidity leaves me looking like a 14-year-old me with  smudged black under-eyes – but also because I like to try my hardest to embrace my natural look.

That means no straighteners and no make-up. And the change is refreshing!

I can wake up and not have to spend any time on my appearance, I can jump straight into the swimming pool and not emerge looking like an extra from a horror movie. I just leave my unruly curls and don’t try to tame them … by the end of the holiday my hair usually reminds my family of that episode in Friends where Monica’s hair triples in size by the end of her trip to Barbados…

The make-up industry is so popular now, arguably more popular it has ever been. There are so many beauty bloggers and new make-up pallets being shoved in your faces and it does make you wonder sometimes, how many different types of highlighter pallet do you actually need?

The answer being pushed upon youngsters is ‘all of them’.

This make-up will solve all your problems and make you look perfect all the time, but the reality is, you don’t NEED any of them. You should be happy being you.

Everywhere you look in magazines, on TV and in films, celebrities are looking ‘perfect’ promoting a new weight-loss drink, hair and beauty pills, crash diets or make-up ranges.

This in turn is, in my opinion, making the young people of today much more self conscious about their appearances and forcing them to strive for complete unrealistic and untrue expectations.

Wake-up is great, if you want to wear it then wear it and don’t let anyone make you feel bad if that’s you decision, but if you’re like me and are wondering why you even put it on any more, then do yourself a favour, take a break and celebrate the natural you, even if its just for a day or two.


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