No, it’s not alright on the night or a dog-day afternoon! Just get a room

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What once was private and intimate is now becoming a public affair.

A very good friend of mine always tells me of sayings his grandad Tom Hilton used to have …  and he informs me how in the 1980s he could see the way society was changing.

He wasn’t a fortune teller who could see The future, he was a hard-working man of his time with family values. A good work ethic and part of a dwindling generation. He once said: “One day they’ll be doing it in the streets.”

How this man was right!
However, at the time the concept was inconceivable!Yet fast-forward less than half a century and nowhere is sacred. Public areas are having police notices put up warning people it is unacceptable and anyone caught will be prosecuted.
I decided to venture out to some of these areas not knowing if I would see anything, find anything, or even know what to expect.

But people were congregating in certain areas, for sure.

The most disturbing thing to me is how blatant these people are in hanging around. Male and females alike, whether it be day or night, sunshine or rain. Like vultures circling till it’s time to do whatever it is they do.
Another thing that disturbs me is the areas in which these acts of indecency take place are near to children’s playgrounds, middle of recreational areas and just to the side of public footpath’s. Joggers, dog walkers, cyclists and even families passing within just a few feet of these people.

These aren’t just young people either, they are older people which surprised me.
Younger generations though now see it as a badge of honour to have sex and film it in a public area. Acouple have been prosecuted after being filmed on a train platform around 7:30 in the morning here in the UK.
What is happening to society these days? It’s respect vanishing for others a new era of free love. Whatever it is, it should be kept behind close doors.


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