Is your old mobile worth telephone numbers?

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Do you have a graveyard for old mobile phones in your kitchen drawer or your attic?

And do you know how much it is worth if you bring it back from the dead? Some old phones are selling for hundreds of pounds online. Various iPhone models are actually selling for up to £600.

As news of Nokia’s relaunch of its classic 3310 model with a month-long battery life, many of the original 3310 phones were selling for around £40 to £50.

Other retro mobile phones like the Motorola RAZR were going for £25, the Nokia 5110 for £15, a Blackberry Bold 9900 for £20 and a first generation iPhone sold for £78. Phones went for more money if they were unlocked, in a good condition and with the original packaging.

But, if you have a more recent iPhone 7 Plus it can sell for £612, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is selling for £350 while the iPhone SE is priced at £240 on average.

There are several different websites around for selling an old mobile so it’s worth checking a few to make sure you’re getting the best price  – but also check out eBay, Gumtree and Preloved.

Most firms will send you an envelope which you put the phone in and send back.

This is usually freepost.

If you don’t want to sell your phone, you can recycle it – 80 per cent of a mobile phone is recyclable, according to Recycle Now.

Most phone retailers will accept old mobile phones for recycling but you can also hand yours over to a charity.

But before you get rid of your mobile, make sure you’ve cleared it of any personal data and remove the sim card. 



Apple iPhone 7 Plus £612, Apple iPhone 6s Plus £505, Apple iPhone 6s £405, Apple iPhone 6 £386, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 £350, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge £342.50, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge £300, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 £275, Samsung Galaxy S7 £270, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 £250

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