Parental alienation is abuse too – campaigners’ demand as probe into family courts launched

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After almost three years of campaigns over parental alienation and the ‘shame’ of Cafcass, the Government has finally agreed to launch an inquiry into Britain’s family courts.

The, D.A.D.s (dads against double standards), the National Association of Alienated Parents and dozens of other groups across the UK – and in many other parts of the world – welcomed the pledge.

Andrew John Teague, who has been battling from his home in Swansea for parents who have been separated from their children, said the inquiry was “long overdue” and accused the family courts of operating in secrecy.

The Ministry of Justice has said it will convene a panel who will undertake a three-month consultation reviewing family courts.

The inquiry is said to be wide-ranging, but it is believed that it will mainly look for areas of  improvement as far as parental access rights are concerned.

Editor at the, Leigh G Banks, said: “Now we need to up the game, there is no doubt D.A.D.s and other groups, through day-in-day-out campaigning, have kept Parental Alienation on CWF’s front page.

Now, Peter Davies, on behalf of the National Association of Alienated Parents is sending this letter to MPs, government officials and those who have power over our children, families and lives.

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2 thoughts on “Parental alienation is abuse too – campaigners’ demand as probe into family courts launched

  1. Hi Leigh
    Thank you for helping us push this. There’s a covering letter too on the NAAP page that people can use or adapt as they want.
    The scope of the existing review is far too narrow, It has been designed as a knee jerk response to appease the people able to shout loudest.
    The inquiry MUST include the way courts treat PA cases.
    The inquiry MUST be seen to be truly independent because public confidence in the system has collapsed and ONLY AN INDEPENDENT INQUIRY – free from influence by the judiciary, Whitehall, all pressure groups and other third parties – will disclose the true extent of any problems and start to build public confidence in a failing system.
    We also need to widen the debate upon secrecy and confidentiality in the family courts. The voices of certain academics carry far too much clout when these are the same people who are largely responsible for the current debacle.
    Clandestine proceedings – meant to protect the identities of children and families – prevent scrutiny, eliminate accountability, stifle debate, mask incompetence, breed distrust, prevent learning and development.
    It is possible to protect identities without sacrificing so many basic democratic safeguards.

  2. i went before the family courts on a section 39 matter Assault By touching ( Termed as beating ) the system tore me to pieces, even when the complainant (and true aggressor)clearly stated I had not done anything , and the police made her say that. grinning judge turning her head from side to side to unnerve me whilst i gave my testimony , later called my testimony “a story” other judge was asleep. found guilty. tore my life to pieces . Defence solicitors are frightened of stepping out of line.. These courts are corrupt and anti male to the core. I was a totally committed father in that household .if i can be removed from the family unit like that ,anyone can! They need abolishing!

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