Parental alienation kills people … campaigners head for No 10

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Parental alienation campaigner Andrew John Teague had tears in his eyes as he gave me details of the march from London’s Courts of Justice to No 10 Downing Street.

It has been a long hard two year struggle for Andrew AND THOUSANDS of other campaigners across the world as they try to get those in power to recognise the turning of a child against one of its parents as a crime.

And it has taken its toll.

The simple – yet harrowing – facts are these, mothers and fathers across the globe are killing themselves out of despair after being lied about to their children, lied about to their families, lied about to social workers and lied about to family courts.

Project 84, a campaign aimed at raising awareness, recently staged 84 human sculptures in Central London,  representing the men who sadly take their lives. Mothers too are going down the same road to nowhere.

Andrew – and other people fighting to bring an end to this tyranny – point the finger in the UK at one organisation, and that is CAFCASS, the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service.

Andrew took a deep breath and said: “It’s Parental Alienation Day on April 25 and we are marching from the Royal Courts of Justice to Downing Street.

“In a mark of respect I will be wearing a black arm band.
“Parental alienation kills people … family courts are, in my eyes, the  worst killers in the land. They should not be allowed to act the way they do, they need to be stopped now.

“Everyone can see what goes on – the dead blind monkey on Mars can see it. It is time to stop the family court abuse. Reform is needed.”
Andrew, who has walked thousands of miles in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, to highlight the battle, said. “I’m not a strong person, I’m just a person who used to fix cars.

“But I was bullied when I was young and now I need to fight for what’s right. You get to the point you won’t let anyone bully you and I have always looked to help anyone get through things.
“I made a vow to stand up for all the children who are bullied and terrified. Children need the help support and guidance of both parents. This all just  breaks my heart.”

Andrew, from Swansea, who is in his mid-fifties, says that social services and CAFCASS watch his profile on social media and constantly monitor his Facebook group, D.A.D.S (Dads against double standards) which now has more than 20,000 members.

The authorities would of course deny any untoward motivation in this but so many other victims of parental alienation have come forward with similar stories it is worrying.
Others have revealed that social workers have ‘advised’ them not to comment on their children on social media and others say they have even been told not to tell their child they love them as I could traumatise them.

However, in what is being seen as a ‘turn round’, Britain’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice has asked to see a video about parental alienation which is being sent to schools across the country.

Lucy Frazer, is the  the politician responsible for the Ministry of Justice’s £1.2bn modernisation programme, and in a surprise email to Andrew her Chief of Staff, Timothy Stafford, has asked for a copy of the video.

He said: “If you would like her to see the video please send it to her Parliamentary office at the House of Commons.”

This is a turn-round considering that last year Ms Frazer was handed a copy of the video by Andrew, from National Association of Alienated Parents and D.A.D.S and it appeared to get forgotten about.

The NAAP video is 50 minutes long and worth every second of viewing.

Already it has been delivered by members of NAAP and D.A.D.S to more than 1,200 schools across the UK.

Andrew, a prime mover in getting the video, made said: “It’s been one hell of a job getting the video to the right people but we’ve kept at it.

“Along the way though, so many people  made it clear that they wanted a copy to share with family and friends and neighbours, anybody in fact who has been caught up in the tragedy of parental alienation.

“People need help to cope and hopefully this video shows them how to sort things out and tells us all what we can do. Schools should be playing their part and now many are.”

The video tells how PA affects children and offers guidance on how schools can spot those who are being used as a weapon against one of their parents.


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