This list of sadness just keeps growing… tell us how long it is since you have seen your child.

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Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen in any parent’s life…

But what if that child is actually living just around the corner from you and, every now and then, you pass on the street but you cannot even acknowledge his or her existence anymore?

And what if that child has attacked you publicly and on social media telling the world, naming you and shaming you, exposing you as the worst dad or mum ever and saying how much she hates you?

Welcome to the world of the broken-hearted, a world where, sadly, so many victims of parental alienation are condemned to live.

One man has been in his own world of pain for 17 years while lies and deceit have been used to drive what appears to be a wedge of solid steel between him and his daughter.

But sometimes there is safety in numbers and recently on social media the saw this list of people who have lost contact with their children … we are publishing more than 40 statements from ordinary people who have lost what is precious to them and then have been forced to lose a little more each day by the law, the courts, CAFCASS and social workers.

Please add your first name, how long you have been alienated from your son or daughter and a short comment. Do not name or identify your exes though.

We want to create a truthful and long-lasting document which can be used to highlight the truth about parental alienation.

Meanwhile, many parents find it so difficult to see their children that despite paying hundreds of pounds in maintenance they are also paying for supervised access. One man says this costs him EIGHTY pounds a time to spend two hours with his child.

Estranged parents – who have perhaps lost all contact because of lies that have been told about them by a bitter ex – are certainly vulnerable and to some suicide can appear to be the only way out.

NACSA,  a lobbying group set up to fight the way the CSA hurt divorced people, actually published an online ‘Book of Death’ listing those who had taken their own lives because of stress and loss.

 Sadly though, this type of comment appears on a daily basis on the Dad’s. Against. Double. Standards site highlighting the real despair parents without custody go through:

Drunk and giving up on life, no point anymore, never gonna see my daughter grow up into the woman she’ll become…”

Night all hope the drink and my meds work and I don’t wake up …”

GOD finding it really hard to put the Christmas tree up my heart is just not in it this year…”

Andrew John Teague, admin at the site,  said: “There is a phenomenon the world over, parental alienation. Hundreds of thousands are denied access to a loving and meaningful relationship with both parents.”


So, what is the longest time you have been kept from your children due to contact denial and allegations?


Top of Form


Dean: 12 years now


Brian: 7 months


Karl: Over a month I feel like I’m losing my mind how can this insanity be legal. Been having migraines from being so stressed out so angry and upset. Especially as I know it’s all from malice from day one of our separation.


Micheal:  Now over two and half years with no end in sight.


Emma: Nearly 3 years mine and partners eldest we haven’t seen and judge when i went to court granted 0 hours cos she said we had to now wait til our eldest wants to come


Raymond: My son was born in December, still not seen him


Ian: 4 months


Andrew: I’m at 2yrs now


Danny: 7 years


Philip: 7 years and it hurts everyday


Jason: I haven’t seen or heard from my sons for nearly 12 years. My ex has remarried, changed her contact details and moved.


Mark: July 2nd 2014.


Mark: 20 years for my eldest child. 5 for my eldest daughter.


Snowy:12 years from my daughter 7 years from my son although I have re-established some contact with him


Asad: A year on 17th may. Feel like 10.


Nick: 10 months : (


Wes: 3 years 2 month. And the lies keep coming!


Gabrielle: It’s been 5 yrs.


Rich: Haven’t seen my children for over a year now, even though I’ve asked and tried to see them


David: A few months at a time, and then randomly


Ellis: 17 years and counting


Campbell: 3 year 6 month and ongoing


Jason: 24 years and after 21 years had the cheek to ask for money


Stephen: 4 years so far


Rebecca: Five years and counting.


Peter: I’m at. 2 years


Graham:13 years


Matthew: 4 months


Mark: 5 years


Shaun: 4 heart breaking years


Kierlan: April 16th 2016😪😪😪


Gary: 5yrs total + 2yrs partial and on-going…..


Paul: 5 months partial, now 8 months and counting.


Dave: This is horrible and so wrong going on 9 months for me feels like 9 years


Sinbad: 6 years, and then for the last 6 years , six one hour sessions in a contact centre with 2 people watching__ and continuing indefinitely ( he is 16 and only has memories of me in that environment)


Archie: 17 years fighting. 7 years not seeing.


Eamonn: 4 years still hard all too old for court now but we’ll poisoned


Chris:  22 months then allowed to see him twice in a month then 54 weeks now (he is 5) with my youngest.     16 years on my eldest son who is now 26


Barbara: Over 3 years


Karl: You know what I’d like to do with everyone’s permission. Is put a load of these comments into coloured words on a massive canvas that draw the image of a young child’s face to publicise our plight?

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314 thoughts on “This list of sadness just keeps growing… tell us how long it is since you have seen your child.

    1. My daugther turn 18 on Nov 22 2017 She move out move in with her father’s mother she told me in email that she was doing what was right for her and that she still very much want still be part my life she took me off her school energy and she took me off her Jupiter where I can’t see her grade anymore.she say was hard for her she block from all social media this not my daugther

      1. Leahh,. Cld u please respond in personal email I havent seen or talked to my daughter in 1 yr 3 months. NOt for a lack of trying. Or contonuius effort on my part. Every where in go. Everyone i see w her same likenesses i freeze and everything else erases. Ubruptley and i think its her.if UK see soneone walking at night i have ro turn around make sure its not her. I cry from window at night yellin her name.
        Her last text to me was ocr 17. 2017. At 10:29pm. And on nov 17 she asked my sister to be her guardian. Ane thats that . On feb 23 2018 it was finallized. Desparaately seeking something or someone . But by a divine guidance. And here i am. Emailing you. . I miss her so incredibly unbelievably bad. and experience on a daily bases a pain and emptiness i rlly cldnt have imagined ever existed. Ive thought suicide i have thought so many different racing rampid thoughts. Have bent my faith. Have questioned much. Doubted more. I cry myself to sleep. I cry driving. Cooking. Taking a bath. Uncontrollable . Im debilitated. My thoughts run rampid. I worry. Idk jjst reaching out . S’hell be 18 end of this month. Seems as maybe your story and experience similar. Me my oldest daughter and my youngest (the 18 yr old) were so close. I wldve bet my entire being in a million yrs there cld have been nothing or anyone that cld have come between us.

        1. Not seen my granddaughter for 9 months this time no contact ,I can’t put into words the pain & anguish this causes I hope she doesn’t think we have abandoned her and we don’t care this is our greatest fear 😢

      2. I haven’t seen my Daughter and my son both with disabilities for 8 years, me and mother talk on the phone but that’s it always has an excuse she never puts them on the phone or says they don’t want to talk I really don’t want hurt mother in any shape or form I justa want to be in there life’s

    2. One and only daughter, only family in the country, not seen or spoken to me for 8 long months. Barely staying alive, feel helpless, trapped. With everyone telling the child that your mother is abuser, how on the earth would children want to see our side of story. P. S. I called social services on myself to ask for help.
      Now 8 months on, I have to remind myself for taking next breath.

      1. There are times I want to haul, the pain is beyond imagination. I grew up abroad, smacking your child if they are naughty is still is considered what makes better future for children. Someone help, end this pain, before the pain ends me

  1. 19 Months. CAFCASS gender biased. NYAS gender biased. Local Authority fails to recognise Parental Alienation – I feel as though I have to [1] Train these “Professionals to do their jobs” & [2] Beg them to even look at the case. Legal Profession with PD3AA makes a fair hearing impossible. Parental Alienation is the biggest scandal happening legally in the Courts & make the Family Justice System unfit for purpose.

    1. Just reading,its like a rerun of mine 10 years ago,going round in circles and ending back at the same point ,but being destroyed in the process..feel for you..darren

  2. 11 years, no communication allowed, mother and daughter in Philippines I would surely win a visitation case…

  3. i hear my son every weekend saying to me that he hates me and doesnt want to see me parental alienation is a mental abuse

  4. 20 months and counting… Not been to court or heard by anyone who could end the contact block.
    The court saw allegations and blocked me “temporarily” without notice, within 5 days. This is in Portugal.

    1. I have been there, have not seen my baby girl in 15 years. But the is early 20s now And just connected me a few days ago, I missed her every day,

  5. Hi, I did not see my children for 10 years after my ex married again. There appears to be some renewed interest in making a law concerning SHARED PARENTING. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is introducing this bill here in the US. I was told that Shared Parenting is mandatory in Canada. Missouri recently passed a shared parenting bill here in the US. The story about this is found on the STANDARD NEWS WIRE dot com site Senator Graham Introduces Parental Rights Amendment. I was able to see my children for a little while upon my daughters graduation. I have had more communication with my son than my daughter. But lately he has not been communicating with me. I continue in this because I want to see change for the better in this area of family law. I helped to make family law in the State of Michigan and set precedent family case law in the court of appeals that attorneys still use in false parental termination. We won our case and my parental rights were reinstated. Thanks for listening.

  6. Around 9-10 months in total, ranging from weeks to months, lost access rights and causing me to constantly go back to court- my daughter only 2 and a half! Horrified, children only get One childhood through all their key-stages of development bring erased….

    Are they not our future?

    1. I have not seen my daughter and son for 20yrs the pain is unbelievable. At the time tried to end my life unfortunately my then next door neighbour found me. I have tried to see them the pain never stops

      1. I feel your pain, I really do! I have not seen or talked to my 34yo daughter in nearly 10yr! Her father groomed her to hate me. When I tried to talk about it about 10yr ago, she defended her narcissistic father, physically attacked me. I stopped sending her money back then too. She only wanted the money otherwise the estrangement would be longer than 10yr!! I have thought about ending my life with a plan. I have lost hope! My life has very little meaning. I am retired & married, & feel incredibly lost & alone. I will never be the same. You are not alone. I force myself each day to go on. But, it’s not easy! I don’t even care if I get covid! I’m ready to go! Sorry if this is so depressing, but so true!

        1. Jesus is there for you and has plans to help you get through this and may even bring your kid back into your life!

  7. What is the point of writing all this so that the world can read and pity? Rather than being ashamed of itself for having this barbaric practice in this so called civilized world with perpetrators roaming freely?

    1. We support one another. No one else understands our pain, but each other! These alienatiing parents are evil monsters who we can only hope get their karma!

  8. Its been over a year since i had my boys come out with me and my daughter even longer. All i did was leave a bad relationship . Now the caf cass are concerned about the emotional well-being of the children but have ordered me to stop my attempts at direct contact until they decide.

  9. 9 weeks and just had a @ from my ex’s lawyer saying that I won’t be getting them this week. I have a court order which they are trying to amend. Was supposed to spend 3 weeks with there dad this Friday. Waiting on my lawyer getting back to me with advice.
    Soul destroying.

  10. 6 months. Despite court order to see them. Ex is claiming full maintenance from me. Child maintenance don’t care about a court order. I miss my children. My only choice is to take him back to court. It’s non stop; heartbreaking

  11. 5 yrs since I last saw my daughter.I will never forget that day and all the days before and after as long as I live.

    1. Sorry to know that somebody is feeling the exact emotions that I am it’s been approximately the same time for me

  12. Mark. It’s over two years since I last saw my two daughters. I can no longer afford to waste time and money in court proving the ridiculous, evil, false allegations about me, CAFCASS realised the truth but do not help. Everyone knows it is alienation against me yet I can do nothing. I miss my daughters so much and now even my letters are not being passed on.

  13. It’s been over 13 years.
    My daughter hates me.
    I won my case for removal of child support close to 2 years now and once I won my daughter decided to change her last name to my ex’s

    1. How’d you win your case for removal of child support as my ex filed for divorce with no minor children final decree oct 2010 when my son was 10 and she refused any money or child support stating to me that she did not want child support and that my son would never be in my life. And then march 2016 she filed suing me for child support plus arrears of a very hefty amount now is getting $1000 a month plus recently filed for me in contempt of child support as I’ve had a hard time paying this $3700 lump sum that I was in feb this year ordered to come up with my April in addition to $1000 a month current child support and I only net $2000 a month I love An miss my son which I hadn’t seen for probably 10 years up until a couple of months ago where she brought him to the child support court hearing after taking him out of school for the day to go with her while she in courtroom. I’m facing jail next week at my court date for being in contempt of child support even though I’ve been making bi weekly child support payments and paid as much as I have toward the $3700 lump sum I’m still short $2300 of and don’t know what to do.

  14. It’s been 9 long months since I’ve seen my daughter. As a result of this I will miss our daughters first birthday. The justice system is an absolute farce when it comes to Fathers!

  15. 8 years ago was the last time I heard my daughter’s say Daddy I love and miss you, our last hug we shared , the smiles on their precious faces brings tears of pain every day.. the worst pain imaginable is being treated like you dont exsit..

  16. 6 years.

    Let’s be honest, no-one gives a sh*t about NRP’s and that isn’t going to change. The natural assumption in contact denial cases is that the NRP *must* have done something wrong, rather than an RP blocking contact to hurt the NRP is simply just too powerful a weapon not to try.

    Schools change children’s surnames without bothering to follow govt guidelines (seeking NRP approval), happily hide information about it from NRP’s, court orders get ignored by RP’s (as the only sanction that would stop it, is deemed, probably rightly, likely to harm the kids more), and social services, and police, will never see an NRP as anything but a monster.

    People will always do stuff to hurt others. That won’t change so that is why society creates laws to punish those who seek to cause harm. Unfortunately, in parental alientation, the law seems to be actively supporting it, at least turning a blind eye, and so it will remain a really powerful way to crush an ex-partner.

    Sure, it’s child abuse, and maybe in a generation or two it may eventually become a national scandal and be addressed, but for now, it is a living death for thousands of estranged parents. Don’t look for pity, as really, no-one cares, just find a way, any way you can to get through today, then repeat that process tomorrow.

  17. May or June when I went to his school to order the class picture he started to cry because his Dad wasn’t at the car. He shouldn’t of been like that with me I’m his mum it really upset me 😢

  18. Well ask now many of you chose new boyfriends over your children?
    My mother chose a man over her own daughter! I ended up in foster care! I haven’t seen my mother in 12 years! I have suffered so much pain and am still living a life renting, low income – hurt daughter.

  19. 6 years. I’m a poor person with no family who went up against a wealthy abusive ex-mother-in-law and her lawyer by myself, who lied to and manipulated the court.. She was never made to provide any proof of what she was saying to be true. They just took her word for it She has completely alienated me.

    1. 8 months I have not seen my 17 year old son. My 13 year old is now exhibiting distance between me and him and I feel is on his way to moving in with my ex husband. When I told ex I wanted divorce he moved on with my best friend and bought a house 2 doors away from his mother, who does all the childcare duties. I have no siblings and my mother has dementia. Oldest son left when my mother (his gran) was severely ill in hospital and told me to pull myself together. I am adopted so it hurts like nothing ever has before.

  20. I’d be able to see her for a few months, then contact would stop completely, then fizzle out entirely. I haven’t seen her for Christmas, Father’s Day, her birthday, etc. for 3 years. I missed all her milestones. It’s heart shattering.

  21. Last saw my elder son in June 2013 – he was 12 at the time. No contact at all during that time, never responded to birthday and xmas cards and gifts at all. Younger son now lives with me as he saw straight through what was being done to him.

  22. 6 months cant ever sleep awake crying. Been since summer june 2017 i last seen him for one day and night 🙁 no response to any messages no answer at the door i dont know what to do.

  23. 7 yrs. Since my daughters were 12 and 15. Was divorced since they were 3 and 1 and had them half the time till I last saw them. I have regressed into not talking to any family and spend holidays alone. It really sucks. I took my eldest phone one day and the court battle took a yr till I had to give up. I was a good dad but the shame is overbearing.

  24. It’s been since December 21, 2010 since I’ve been allowed to see my youngest three children and they were 3,4,& 5 at the time and now they are 9,10 &11 and my oldest I’ve seen one time since that date he was 8 at the time and now he will be 16 in may IT HAS DESTROYED THEIR LIVES AND MINE I BEG GOD DAILY TO CONTINUE GIVING ME STRENGTH TO EVEN GET UP EVERY DAY MOST DAYS I NEVER LEAVE MY BED

  25. It has been three years… three tormenting years of wage garnishment… three years of never knowing… three years of praying to a deaf God… three years of begging a broken “legal” system… three years of struggling to make the rent…

    It has been 1 year of homelessness… 6 months of imprisonment for inability to pay the extortion…

    But… it has been 1,097 days of waking up with tears in my eyes and a prayer for death on my lips because of a “legal” system that decided that 1 hour of visitation every other week by court order would be sufficient… (my child spends over 7 times that with his school bus driver to give you perspective) But when she refuses to EVER take him to meet me because she is “busy”…. the country I fought and bled for has turned its back and turns a blind eye.

    I am one of the legion lost. A man without a child. A ship without its compass destined to wander through this life and weather the storms and rage of a prejudiced “legal” system where crimes against a man cannot be numbered…

    I am guilty of having been born the wrong gender… not being a bad father… this simple mistake in genetics has cost me everything… and day by day I feel myself slipping into an apathetic state every time I look at my straight razor and ask the question:

    If I die today, would it even matter anymore?

    1. Taking a Mans children from him is the only way to successfully steal his smile and happiness from him in the blink of an eyewithout getting blood on your hands.

      1. Michael – likewise, taking a WOMAN’S children away from HER is the only way to successfully steal HER smile and happiness from HER in the blink of an eye, without getting blood on your hands.

        Women suffer equally in this situation, this is not a ‘gender thing’, this is a personality disorder thing (Narcissistic Personality Disorder, mostly males & Borderline Personaity Disorder, mostly females).

        One thing to note though is that therapy does not work with Narcissists (who are usually male),. Narcissists cannot (or rarely can) change. But there is hope for spouses of Bordelrines: therapy CAN work for Borderlines (who are usually female). Meaning at least there’s a CHANCE with a borderline alienating parent/spouse, for them to come to recognise – through therapy – the harm they’re doing to their children, and for them to be convinced to ‘change tack’

  26. It’s been 6 years give or take since I’ve seen My oldest or his younger Brother.
    I tried to see my oldest before I left the state, and he literally treated me like I was some kind of Monster that was going to hurt him. It was the most painful experience I’ve ever endured.
    How it went from him telling me I was his best friend and spending every weekend with him to not seeing him at all so quickly.
    It literally kills me inside. Late at night when I’m trying to fall asleep, I can hear his little voice say “Daddy you’re my best friend in the whole wide world” and the memory of him grabbing and holding my hand while he looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes. It just cuts me to the bitter hollow core of the Man I once was.

  27. The last time I saw my daughter was when she was 3 years old. She turns 16 years old this year. After several years of looking for her i found her on facebook and tried to connect with her only to be told not to ever bother her again. She had been told things like i never tried to call her or contact her, that i didnt care for her. I do not know if this could or would ever get resolved

  28. It was 3.5 years and now I have seen her again recently a couple of times after she got in touch herself. Both meetings have been a little awkward and she has now cancelled the last 3 meetings we arranged and I am feeling devastated and worse than when I wasn’t seeing her. Things have changed, she is older and I don’t know what a 13 year old wants to do but then 13 year olds don’t really talk do they! Life is hard, will keep on but have thought about suicide a lot in the last few years just not brave enough to go through with it.

  29. Until recently I have not seen my 3 daughters in 8 years. I saw my 20 year old this past fall and we are now emailing directly (not through mom). The strangest thing in seeing my eldest it was like talking directly to my ex. I have not seen my middle daughter in 8 years (19 years old). I ran into my 17 year old and was able to have a quick conversation, which was immediately communicated to her mother.

  30. My 16 year old daughter was alienated for just over 2 years then came back for a few months last year & was then re-alienated from January of this year. I think about her every day & can’t wait for her to come home again. Heartbroken just doesn’t cover the depth of pain we as rejected parents feel. Not being able to comfort & heal your broken child is absolute torture. Knowing the pain they are going through & the psychological damage being done to them yet no-one listens or understands or does anything to help. It’s a tragedy of epic proportions.

    1. Rebecca – yes. ” A tragedy of epic proportions” . This is how sociopaths are formed. A child is half their mother and half their father. Parental Alienation is in essence the killing off of half of the child. Unfortunately, for many, the parent that killed off the other half of the child has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). And someone with NPD has no capability to feel empathy for their child(ren). NPDs have empathy for themselves only, and for how THEY feel. They will either enmesh with, parentify, spousify, or infantilise their children – in other words, with the other parent out of the picture, they can use their children to regulate their (the narcissist’s) emotions, and to fulfil all their emotional needs. They are also taught hate: because the alienating parent feels hate, then so must their children feel hate. All of that is child abuse, plain and simple. And it’s really not that complicated to understand, especially when witnessed. Yet, as you state yourself: no-one listens or understands or does anything to help. Our children are the most likely to become alcoholics/druggies, suffer mental health problems, lack self-esteem, and….. commit suicide. TRAGEDY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS INDEED!~ BECAUSE IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE SO, IT COULD SO EASILY BE FIXED. ALL IT TAKES IS FOR THE CHILDREN TO KNOW, OR TO BE TOLD: It’s OK to love your mom/dad. Its’ OKAY!

  31. 7 years and 3 months of pain an missing her every single day. She was 14 when she left and now she is almost 22. I had joint custody yet other than court appearances and her high school graduation which they tried to block me from getting a ticket to, and once when I drove 9 hours and tried to visit her at the college I was paying over half for (she refused to see me and I received a nasty email from an attorney saying I had no business trying to visit my daughter and bothering her at college) I have not seen or heard anything from her.

  32. I am Antoinette Richardson from Philadelphia PA and haven’t seen my youngest daughter for 3 years and 6 months now.

    1. Not seen my daughter for 16 yrs. no contact at all. I can’t put into words the pain & anguish this causes me. I hope she doesn’t think that I have abandoned and I don’t care, co’z this is my greatest fear!

    1. #1 – learn how to actually fight the right way in court.

      #2 – get other parents to stand outside a Cafcass person’s home and hold signs up to tell neighbors “a child molestor lives here” with all their personal info on that sign. Disturb their protective buble. (if you got the balls to do so…what do you have to lose…most guys are scared to do this..but if you caer about your kids, then you’lll take action)

  33. It’s been over 3.4 yrs since I’ve seen or spoken to my two girls, thanks to the UK Family Court.
    There is no justification and no excuse for the ignorance of CAFCASS and Judges.
    My beautiful girls, 13 and 14, have never even met their 18 month old half brother.
    They know not what they do…

  34. 3.4 yrs since I’ve seen or spoken to my daughters, thanks to the UK Family Court.
    There is no justification and no excuse for the ignorance of CAFCASS and Judges.
    My beautiful girls, 13 and 14, have never even met their 18 month old half brother.
    They know not what they do…

  35. I’ve been alienated from my children for around 5 yrs for know reason at all. I blame it on the Cafcass service which I pay for out of my taxes each month.

  36. 6 months. Many of us will have to come to terms with the fact that we will only see our little ones grow from a glimpse through the school fence, unless the law changes. I love you girls XX

  37. 6 years and 5 months to my two boys . At court for the second time. What you experience at court makes you loose faith in modern society in comptence und know-how. Damage to children causes by manipulation and the loss of one parent is completely ignored. Court believes it is more important for the health of the child to follows ist unwarranted will to not see a parent. Psychologists and mental Health professionals do not speak up. Never experienced anything like that in my life.

  38. In 2000 I met what I truly believed to be my soul mate. A woman from the Philippines, a devote Christian, with a firm belief in family values. She was my ideal. Although there is so much to tell I will keep it brief and to the main points. In 2002 we married there, in Davao City. After several visits and getting to know each other well. In 2004 she came to this country, we settled in to our new home there was love and laughter cuddles and conversation, and in 2005 we had a son, he was my greatest wish come true, and the biggest thrill in my life, I could not envisage a single day without him, and every day I could not wait to get home to be with him. From the first month we started sending money to the Philippines to support her family and invest in a future for ourselves, (A Palm Tree Plantation) this was the agreed deal that we would eventually go back there as a family to live. And that is a very good future for us. But all this went sour not long after she gained her UK citizenship, in 2009, the arguments escalated to a point where I could no longer cope with the distress, it effected my job my life and my purpose. In February of 2011 she left the marital home. Since then I have not seen my son due to her allegations of unreasonable behaviour. I no longer see my son, and this hurts too much every day is the same I wake up crying I go to sleep crying. Now all I do is grieve. I am 56 years old now. And although when we first met my age did not matter. The main victim in all of this is a young boy who has been separated from his father.
    How many more years must I wait for a remedy? How many petitions must I continue to sign? How many more internet sites must I join to make my voice heard? How many letters must I write to my MP? How many voices does it take for the British Government to take up this cause?
    The courts erred on the side of caution. A child should never be used as a weapon.
    John Brookes. Walsall, West Midlands. UK

    1. GET ON THE OFFENSIVE and GO RESCUE your kid. NOTHING is ever gonna happen with dumb petitions…they’ve been doing that for 50 years. Go do what has WORKED for dads like me who got custody without an attorney. Did you call her a child abusing liar in court? did you cite the evidence of countless stories of women who play this game for citizenship then lie in court?

      If not then you DIDNT EVEN TRY to fight for your kid.

      “erred on the side of caution” — did you make the argument that courts are NOT allowed to err? They ADMIT that “we made an error”…they are supposed to make FINDINGS OF FACTS. Go back and do a motion to vacate. Or go back and modify. Do you not have ANY visitation? If you have some, do contempt.

  39. 7 months last year & 14 weeks up to now since we have seen our granddaughter Lola the impact on my son and the family is immense no words to explain the sadness we feel

  40. 2yrs was the longest, with eldest daughter, 9 monthsx with son and 6 months with youngest daughter. Gradually regaining contact, each child is different. This actually started 6 years ago but we didn’t recognise the red flags at the beginning.

    1. Day #1 that a child is withheld from you is a red flag.

      You didn’t notice anything wrong with that ? Do you also ignore a stranger kidnapping your child for 6 years? The FIRST time my baby’s mom withheld her I was searching high and low for resources to help me fight in court on my own. When she was 7 months old I got court-ordered custody.

  41. Been off and on since birth of daughter in 2014. Christmas 2016 took her again refuses to communicate. “Daddy come home” is the last thing I heard her say… I love Alice Marie with all my heart.

    1. Why are you letting a parent’s “refusal to communicate” paralyze you?

      If a child molestor abducted your child, would you QUIT on your child and NOT go rescue her cuz the child molestor “refuses to communicate” ? I Get out of that fetal position, stop sucking your thumb and ACT LIKE YOUR THE DAD of that child. You gotta be kidding me!!

  42. It’s been a long battle and I finally thought he was coming home till he told me he “wasn’t ready” all of a sudden now I have to wait till my 9yr old is ready to come home

    1. WHAT THE HELL does THE CHILD’S wishes have to do with you getting him?
      That’s assinine. JUST GO GET HIM. If the court is basing it off of his wish, then tell make the COMMON SENSE argument in court that a 9 year old doesn’t know how to raise himself and run down all the things he is incapable of doing and tell the judge, “So, you, a judge with a law degree SURRENDER your judgment to the will of a 9 year old chiild? The 4th grader is smarter than you with your law degree?”

  43. I have not seen my 3 year old daughter for 18 months this time around and 6 months prior, a total of 2 years. cafcass are largely responsible for this Alienation.

  44. It’s 4yrs for me so far, all through lies, corrupt system & corrupt courts that supports child abuse by allowing it to happen. Fathers have no rights. Lies are the new truth in court, absolute disgrace

    1. Fathers have rights….they just hire attorneys who never fight for them.
      That’s why guys need to get off their butts and spend JUST 10 MINUTES looking for a resource in their state that helps them fight without an attorney THE RIGHT way. I got full custody when my daughter was 7 months old cuz I did this. I’ve now helped 200+ dads do the same and thousands more get fair visitation.

      #1 problem with dads (outside of court corruption) is that dads don’t try hard enough.

  45. Haven’t seen, let alone had contact with my son and daughter, since 29th September 2004, so over 13 years. My son wanted to come and live with me, when he was 12, but my ex put a stop to that, with lies. Parental alienation destroys relationships.

    1. Did you fight for him in court? Did you get ANY court ordered time? Did you ask the court to find perjury on her? Did u take your case to trial?

      If you haven’t been to court then you’ve just never gotten on the offensive…

  46. The constant pressure on the kids made them hate the situation. He hasn’t seen the kids since October and the kids stopped coming online for Skype too in Jan.

  47. 7 years since I had a relationship with my son . He’s still very bitter and angry about the fact the finances were split equally between his dad and me … something he should never have been involved in. He’s 21 now .

    1. The children become involved because the alienating parent makes SURE they become involved. Severely alienating parents usually have a personality disorder, either Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) or Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Especially with NPD’s, they cross their children’s boundaries constantly – NPDs are emotionally immature and BPDs cannot regulate their emotions the way a ‘normal’ person can – so they both share severely inappropriate stuff with their kids, especially about their other parent. By doing this, the alienator manages to not only purposely turn the kids against the other parent (often to the point where the child either literally HATES the other parent, or is scared to death of them), but also to get ‘supply’ from their kid. The stuff they’re sharing with the kids is usually untrue, or grossly exaggerated…. but kids trust adults, especially a parent, and they haven’t got the maturity to be able to think critically. There’s very little difference between a child molester and an alienating parent – they are both predators who take advantage of vulnerable children, having no respect whatsoever for their children’s boundaries. Their children are used by the alienator as weapons against their other parent, and there is always always collateral damage, it is impossible to do this without severely damaging the child.

  48. It’s been 6 years since I’ve seen Morgan. I miss her everyday. She turns 18 this year and I’m hoping and praying that she reaches out to me. I will reach out to her first and see where it goes.

  49. It’s been 19 months since my now 17 year old son has left and not come back home. I will never give up on him. He is amazing and I will be here for him when he’s able to return.

  50. From when my daughter Emily was 11, in 2013. Today is April 2018, so that corresponds to her entire 12th,13th,14th, and 15th years, and remaining ongoing throughout her 16th year. It is not just the duration but the fact that these formative years are in isolation and fear, having to tune in and toe the line of her captor’s paranoia.

  51. It’s been since March 10, 2017. Since I last saw my kids together. The last time I spoke to my youngest daughter was July 2017, My 10 yr old was in August 2017, They split my kids up March 11, 2017 according to documents but I know that is not the real date since I was told different arrival days from the care givers, but any ways, march 2016,my kids were removed . I had a hearing yesterday with the new judge since recently I suddenly had all new people on my case meaning new Attorney, Judge, GAL, and a new case manager as of yesterday as well so now next Wednesday I have a mediation then the 12th is supposed to be my trial but the new attorney says he doubts trial is then but I am praying and leaving this one with God, I have been hurt for so long and slandered so much I am emotionless and so Mentally drained from all of this.

  52. www – dot- HowiGotCustody – dot – net

    (1) MEN !!! Get on the OFFENSIVE !
    (2) Use ALL of the tools & weapons available to you in this “war”.
    (3) Learn how to represent yourself without an attorney the right way.
    (4) Men who do these things have better chance of getting custody (like I did and 200+ guys I’ve worked with who did NOT use an attorney.
    (5) Grow a pair and stop being cowards. WHAT ELSE do you have to do in life besides fight for your kids???

  53. GET ON THE OFFENSIVE and GO RESCUE your kid. NOTHING is ever gonna happen with dumb petitions…they’ve been doing that for 50 years. Go do what has WORKED for dads like me who got custody without an attorney. Did you call her a child abusing liar in court? did you cite the evidence of countless stories of women who play this game for citizenship then lie in court?

    If not then you DIDNT EVEN TRY to fight for your kid.

    “erred on the side of caution” — did you make the argument that courts are NOT allowed to err? They ADMIT that “we made an error”…they are supposed to make FINDINGS OF FACTS. Go back and do a motion to vacate. Or go back and modify. Do you not have ANY visitation? If you have some, do contempt.

  54. ——> #1 argument in court (that NO ONE ever tries:

    Outside of food, water and air, THE MOST important thing in a kid’s life is love, security and bond of a parent. If the court deprives the child of that, the court is taking away a BASIC LIFE NEED which causes permanent psychological damage.

    TELL THE JUDGE in OPEN COURT: “This child’s blood is on your hands if you order such abuse….Would you order NO WATER or no air or no food or ration it every other weekend? No.? Then how dare you order the deprivation of the next most important basic life need!”

    P.S. this argument is only for NON-COWARDS who care enough about their kids to stand up and confront the kidnappers/ child-abusers.

  55. More than 10 years. My daughter 20 and son 18 live 5 minutes away but I wouldn’t recognise them if I passed them in the street. I think about them often, still send them money every month and never missed a birthday. Tried everything in the past but never successful in being able to improve contact and prevent alienation.

  56. Girl and boy, been 7 years. Ex stopped communications with all family from my extended family. Long court battles for several years, exhausted all funding in the legal fight. Finally made a decision to stop the turmoil and let her husband adopt the kids.

  57. 220 days with minimum visitation afterwards and my ex is allowed to move out of state, whereas she is currently in process of moving to Mississippi, were all in Texas now. Alienated because I quitting her about her new boyfriend who is around my children, he response was,,, you don’t have the right to know. I’m worried that when she moves I’ll never see my kids again

  58. Its sad to say that now having gone through the turmoil that I have gone through, I now understand how parental alienation has gotten away with legal murder for so long. Its simple, the thought of losing your child is a parents greatest fear. I personally believe that unless its happened to you, you cant even use your imagination and put yourself in the shoes of that parent. So, the majority of people continue on with their life avoiding the thought like the plague.

    Anyway, my oldest is 17 and her sister is two years younger. The last time I felt like their father they were 6 and 4. From then until now I have seen them twice just for a moment. The first time was probably around the ages of 7 and 5, I was driving to my next appointment. I’m looking for the address and see two girls playing out in front of this house. I had to look real good because I could have sworn they were my daughters. For those that don’t know when your kids are missing every kid looks and reminds you of your own. Luckily the appointment that I was headed to was at the house right next door. I parked my van and said my daughters names, and they came running to me. I picked them up and held them so tight, they both had smiles from ear to ear. Then I see hawkeye through the window of the house and she notices whats going on outside in disbelief. She comes marching out of course her first words,”How did you find us?” I don’t even remember what I said because after hearing that I really didn’t pay anymore attention to her. I was just trying to soak up what I could with my kids. I do remember her saying,”I don’t think this is a good idea.” Now looking back I know why she said that. She was wanted to change my parental rights. So her new husband could adopt them and change their last names from mine to his. Which is exactly what happened. 6 months no contact or communication with your children in the eyes of our broken judicial system is deemed abandonment. They first asked me to voluntarily give up my rights, this was proposed to me at a hearing regarding child support. I wanted to get it lowered 6 months prior when I was unemployed. Right soon after that she says she has these papers printed out and ready for me to sign. Whats this? Ohh, nothing really if you voluntarily terminate your parental rights it will stop child support and also I will drop what you owe. Here I am trying to figure out how to convince her to let me see my kids without going to court because I can’t afford an attorney. We ended up in court because I wasn’t about to give up my rights to my kids for some monetary value. She tells me its not a good Idea that Im there because I’m confusing the kids. The outcome in court is this, my rights terminated involuntarily. That is the honest to God truth version of the story from where I sat. I admit I wasn’t a very good husband, but I tried to the best father I could to my kids. We had a very strong relationship and it has been completely shredded to pieces. At 23 years old I was legally murdered. Termination of parental rights in family court is equivalent to receiving the death penalty in criminal court. Not only was I left in ruins emotionally, financially I have been destroyed as well. My reputation ruined. Deadbeat dad must have done something heinous to have his rights terminated. I couldn’t live life like that, I had no choice but to let them go and leave them in Gods hands. Kids are a gift from God, and people need to understand they are Gods kids. He gives them to us not to gain our love but to show how much he loves us. God sacrificed his own child, letting the evil of this world humiliate, torture and murder his son. So I put my faith in God and trust that he will raise my children for his purpose. I am in no way shape or form perfect nor do I claim to be holier than thou. I do know that my love for my kids is no different than anyone elses, and in the end when all is said and done. There lies the truth.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully my story helps someone else shed light on something they may be going through.

    1. Wow, completely agree, not seen my daughter for 6 months and a handful of times in a year. Heartbreaking…. But God loves them and I pray for her every day, keep strong, Jesus died for this kind of brokeness and things have to come good…x

  59. I’m only 25 but feel the heart pain jusy as bad everyday without seeing my little boy. He’s 6 and I have not seen him for two years. I struggle to keep it together all the time but reading comment show im not alone. No longer having a place to live dont help

  60. 2 months for my youngest and 1 year for my eldest, they were both alienated away, I thought the eldest was just angry at me he went back and fourth for 9 years.
    Feel totally abused, my heart is broken after 22 years I feel like suicide is my only option.
    I ve tried social services the school and they ignore legal letters, I have the custody order and everyone keeps saying they want to live there deal with it!
    So I should just walk away and forget for 14 years was a mother ?
    The pain is unbearable.

  61. 5 years-not because of an ex. Because of my son’s girlfriend. They were married for a short time, had a child, got divorced had another child together. My heart is broken from the amount of negativity that has been put forward about me on Social Media. I miss by boy….

  62. 3 years. i have live custody orders in France where Maxxx was born and raised by me the father in the main after being essentially abandoned by the ex, when darling son was aged just 4 yrs. came to the uk, (long story), and within 3 days, police with cornwall ss’s, took Maxxx from me and even in the RCJ where i won an appeal, they in the uk refuse to recognise my legal custody.

  63. Stephen, it has been 371 days since I saw my sons. I am completely blind and my ex moved over 500 miles away from me. Apparently in the UK the family court think that is okay and have done absolutely nothing to promote any kind of contact.

  64. My fiance’ hasn’t seen his daughter in nearly 5 years. She will be 8 this June. Her mother even lost custody of my daughter when she moved to another state prior to approval. The system should have delivered my daughter to me when that happened. Now, she’s trying to move back to that same state where she lost custody…

  65. Havent seen or talked to my 16 year old son in a year. After his mom died i fell apart and my in law stole custody. She has convinced him that i killed his mom and even more lies. I dont know if i will ever see him again.

  66. Andrew
    17 years 3 months 8 days and 14 hours miss my two children every day. Not a day goes by without thinking of them. Wondering what their favourite food,film,colour, school subjects etc hurts every day

  67. Today was my daughters 10th birthday!! I’ve not celebrated with her since she was 3, the last time I saw her was when she was 5. It’s been 5 years. She has a brother whom she knows nothing about. My ex wanted to keep her away from me. Since the last visit with her, she’s now been adopted by her step mom without my consent since my parental rights were never terminated. I have been paying child support…she was still adopted. I’ve seen her a few times in public but didn’t want to embarrass her or myself since we live in the same small town. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her, talk about her, wonder what she’s doing…etc. does it ever get easier or what?

  68. In the last 2 years I have seen my now 11 year old boy 11 times. I have been representing myself at court. A child arrangement order was made a year ago. I have taken it back to court twice … My son loves being with me. I haven’t seen him this last period for 5 months. He’s told he can come, then last minute told he can’t.

  69. three months and now I will see them one year of the next 16 years, as the standard of the anti family court

  70. It’s almost been 3 years i haven’t seen my son now 18 and a half and my daughter 13 and a half.
    I feel for every single person that is going through parental alienation. The law is very unfair for these situations especially for children under the age of 18. They should atleast organise a government private room where it is legal for kids to see the parent that is been alienated no matter the situation.
    Please help us as we struggle every second in our life.

  71. And what did you do to alienate your children!! ?? my ex left me in shambles and depressed. how many of you are responsible for your broken relationship with your children?!

  72. In August, it will be 6 years since I have had ANY CONTACT, physical or verbal, with my 4 children. Their ages are (now): 14, 12, 10, and 8 years old. Two boys and two girls. They are everything to me, and I cannot explain the emptiness inside of me since being apart. My life is meaningless without them.

  73. 5 years
    Not holding my breath
    Not seen since they were 12 and 14
    Probably wouldn’t recognize them
    Even if I did they’d be like strangers

    1. It’s been 11 years for me. My son turns 18 tommorow. Legally I could contact him. I am not sure how to approach this.

  74. Renee
    I haven’t seen my daughter since September 15th 2007. Had a little contact 2008-9 .. Just photos. Her father died Feb 2 2 ,2007. And then she was taken from me 4 days after I had found her dad in hottub unresponsive.. Iv been lost without her.

  75. Fred
    I haven’t seen my daughter in nearly 12 yrs and nearly as long since I’ve been allowed to speak with her. She’s never met her little brother who lives with me full time…

  76. Stuart – slightly different scenario.
    Haven’t been able to see my kids in my home for 13 months.
    I travel twice a month to see them in England, I live in Scotland.

  77. Jan Sanders Campbell I’ve never seen my grandson, neither has my son. He’s almost 14😢 🙏

    Stephen Coop
    Stephen CoopStephen and 360 others joined D.A.D.S (dad’s against double standards) within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome into your community! 14 years. Entire extended birth family has been blocked and deleted from the life of our princess. The court order in 1993 said if dad has no wall phone then there would be no access. To this day, dad still does not have the old fashion wall phone.

    Jan Sanders Campbell
    Jan Sanders Campbell OMG I have no words. POLICE STATE????

  78. It is now over 6 1/2 years since I last saw or had any form of contact, of my daughter, who now lives over 200 miles away, from our former matrimonial home, where I reside. I have sent cards, letters to her but i believe she never received them … PA is legalised child abuse, nothing more, nothing less, when the judiciary, supported by CAFCASS, fail to carry out the intentions of Parliament properly. I live in hope, that one day justice will prevail and that the current parental apartheid system, will be confined to history.

  79. Angela writes:
    I got pregnant and married at age 15. I love my son, he was my best friend. Long story short his dad remarried when my son was 5 and filed for custody. I was single he was married and the court gave him custody. There are many details I could give, but now, 20 years later the details are less important than the fact that I have lived in the same town and watched my son grow up from the sidelines. I did a lot of things wrong, so did his dad, but like I said, at this point, I just want to know my son and the beautiful family he has. I am a grandmother, I have a beautiful daughter in law, my son is an amazing man of God, Husband, and Father!! I fell into a deep addiction after losing custody of him. I have been sober for a year now. I want to reach out but I am scared. Scared of rejection. Not sure of how or what to even say. I am a believer and I am standing on faith that God will make a way.

  80. 2 years and counting. Still waiting for CAFCASS to start section 7 report which should have been done 6 months ago but due to the back log they haven’t been able to start it.

  81. My son stopped transferring 2037 days ago. My daughter stopped transferring 1314 days ago.
    #pathogenicparentingisreal #courtreform #mentalhealthreform

  82. My son stopped transferring 2037 days ago. My daughter stopped transferring 1314 days ago.
    #pathogenicparentingisreal #courtreform #mentalhealthreform

  83. over 6 years … no words … no son … i dont understand anymore … worst on Fathers days (today) and Xmases but everyday hurts …

  84. 16 years and 3 months, haven’t seen my son since he was 3 months old. It’s the most heartbreaking feeling. I never had a chance. Tried contacting him directly since he turned 16 and nothing even set up a fb page just aimed at him and it’s already blocked. Gutted absolutely gutted.

  85. There isn’t a day that passes that my thoughts are not with my two boys, mostly first thing in the morning and when I go to bed night. It has been almost 10 years now since I have had any contact. Four months ago I received a letter from my ex-wives lawyers to say that my youngest son had taken his life two weeks earlier. Wasn’t given the opportunity to bury my son and say goodbye.

  86. 18 months since I’ve seen my children…. SS did nothing to help us for years…. I developed PTSD anxiety and depression. My life has been destroyed, it is a wonder I am still here.

  87. I’ve been battling for reasonable contact for 7 years. Been in court for 2 years. Rather than solve the problem, the wholly unjust court process has simply encouraged, enabled and empowered an alienator so now I have had no direct contact for 9 months. No indirect contact for 4 months.No safeguarding or welfare concerns. Totally SCANDALOUS & CORRUPT system that is only causing severe HARM.

  88. I’ve been battling for reasonable contact for 7 years. Been in court for 2 years. Rather than solve the problem, the wholly unjust court process… No indirect contact for 4 months.No safeguarding or welfare concerns. Totally SCANDALOUS & CORRUPT system that is only causing severe HARM.

    1. The court systems are 100% corrupt. They do not care about the wellbeing of the children. All they care about is their politics and their pockets being full.

  89. I have had a no contact order in place against my daughter since June 6 2017 for using marijuana to treat my PTSD. My heart breaks every minute of every day , it is agony. It is torture. I miss her so much….and think of her all day everyday…I LOVE YOU I.A.

  90. Aymara. Haven’t seen my stepson for 6 months. It kills his dad and I every single day. His dad loves him more than anything in this world and would give his life to have him back home.

  91. Kenny, Bobby and Mikeala Gouldner
    April 2016 was the last time I saw them, hugged them and kissed them. My heart rebreaks every day, night..They have never even met their youngest sister. Mikeala has not spoken a word to me in a year. Bobby, two months and Kenny texts me when he is no where near his home.

  92. 3 years. 3 birthdays, 3 Christmas’s, 3 years of sxhool, 3 years of holidays, 3 years I’ve been fighting in court and getting no where !! 3 years of tears, heart break , 3 years or 36 month or 1,095 days of hell !!!!

    1. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I understand the pain. Stay strong. You are a warrior and a damn good mother for having such resilience through this battle. Never give up hope and always stay positive.

  93. It has been 6 years now since I’ve seen my son in person, 4 years since I have spoken with him over the phone/Skype. The parental alienation started when the courts denied me visitation. After that, the calls and texts and Skyped got fewer and fewer. Every day of my life now I fight to not think about what my son is going through and every day I remind myself I backed away for the sake of both my children. One day we will see each other again and one day my babies will be reunited. Parental alienation has destroyed my life with my son, my 10 yr old daughters life with her baby brother and my 9 yr old sons life with his big sissy and mommy, it destroyed the lives of us all. Parental alienation destroys not only the life of the parent but it destroys the lives of these poor innocent children as well. I’m sorry about this very long comment. Everyone’s comments about their parental alienation was just so heartbreaking and it is just so sad to know that there are so many people out there dealing with this. My heart goes out to every single one of you. You will all hopefully see your children again, just never ever give up. Stay strong and hold your head up high.

  94. It has been fourteen years since I have seen or spoken to my three sons. They are grown now and all in college and out of state. My oldest is 24, then 23, then 19. Their dad is a powerful figure here in town with a lot of money. I have nothing and am on disability for depression and anxiety and many surgeries due to a recent car accident.

  95. These comments make me feel my hypothesis is correct – it’s time to give up and run far far away. This is a never ending battle with very low chance of success for a dad. I’m on my 5th accusation. They keep getting worse. Courts don’t do shit to a mother, there are literally no consequences for women.

    Going underground. I tried my best. Spent 6 years in absolute misery, even had 100% temporary custody for a bit.

    1. It isn’t just Dads anymore. I belong to several PA support groups and the split is at least 40/60. And no, I am not an unfit mother. Nobody but my ex-husband and the family he told me were all dead before we broke up, when suddenly he reunited with them, has ever said that I was anything but a good mum.
      Perfect? No, of course not. Who is? But I do my very best and I think I do (or should I say *did* a pretty good job).

  96. It has been close to 30 years since I seen my 2 sons. Time is defintley not on my side to make amends. So incredibly painful. Not a day goes by. Losing you made me more determined to prove everyone wrong. I got my shit together and changed. Have had a pretty successful go. It has done to alleviate the pain.

  97. It has been 6 years, 5 months and 4 days since I’ve seen or heard anything about my 5 sons and my daughter. Came home from business trip to empty (literally) house. Called my then wife and asked where she and my kids were. She answered that she found someone younger and more exciting and that she was going to find a way to keep me from seeing them ever again. The now Ex and her new boyfriend had a no contact order put in place. I have tried to have contact with my children through the court system, but I cannot afford the retainer ($3000.00 US) and hourly fee ($300.00 US) for my representation. The State she lives in has me paying $2000.00 US per month support and that’s OK by me. However, She and her State of residence just renewed the no contact order last month. It had expired almost a year ago, and the state did not notify me of this. The State she lives in is widely known for violation of father’s rights. Plus, to put icing on the cake, she became pregnant by one her friends before the divorce became official, and I have to pay support for that child now too because she will not name the paternal father of the child. I am always depressed now and have been prescribed several medications to help me make it through each day. My advice is to NEVER marry and for your minds sake, NEVER have children. Your Ex will use them as a weapon to hurt you endlessly. Merry Christmas, NOT.

  98. 5 years. Have set up a website so that my son (now 13) can find me once he is outside his mother’s control. No point in using the corrupt, biased legal system. Time and money down the drain.

    Moderator: if you could put my Web link in here that would be appreciated.

      1. IDK how much longer I can take this. My newborn son will be 2 weeks old in 2 days, lives under a mile away, his mother has taken him all around town, a town 30 minutes away & another an hour away, but can’t bring him to see me, let me hold & love him. Even let her BF hold him & try to bond before me. Her mother placed a restraining order against me,so can’t go see him & just being toxic. I’m sorry to those who have gone years. Probably sounds like I’m being a baby. I’ve lost my mother, brother & my sister lives 10 hours away. Our son is all I would have. The night before we were supposed to go into the hospital, she ignores my calls & text & her mother ends up being there for the birth of my son, talked her into changing his name, having him circumcised & is just getting in the way. Go ahead & add me to the book of death. Best of luck to all the rest of y’all.

  99. Not seen my little girl since she was 6years old and she 15 year old now.
    I am just a broken shell of a man I won’t be here much longer I hope cant take the pain anymore

  100. Three years and counting. Still fighting after 100s of ks of $$. Three little girls . Abby, Katie, and Julia. Was as stay at home dad. Pain is unbearable. Death would be a release.

    1. I’m a mother. Ten years. I still can’t think about them for longer than 20 minutes because the pain never goes away, never gets smaller. So I just don’t visit it. I remarried and had more children. Damned if he was going to steal motherhood from me. I wanted to die, but more I wanted to live. I no longer feel guilty for what was out of my control. Had I stayed and fought more, I fought seven years, I chose life for all of us. I wish for all who know this pain of ours, to not give up by giving in to the pain and wallowing in it. You must get up again, you must. Otherwise, cruelty wins. Don’t ever let it. Sending lots of love and healing, for while we will never be the same again, there’s still a beautiful, loved and loving future you, waiting further down the path of life. Do you believe even that there comes a time when you can look at your ex and feel compassion and gratitude that you aren’t them?. Never give up on love: it begins with loving your own self back to health.

      1. Hi Edna – a very moving account … one of the truest things i’ve seen written for a long time … I chose life for all of us. I believe i did the same thing but it doesn’t make it any easier. I had to edit your message a little for legal reasons but your sentiment is very powerful..

      2. 6yrs I hav been fighting my ex for my beautiful 9yr old daughter, Im able 2 hav her twice a WK every fri & sat n thats if he hasn’t got the shits wit me for some reason! All her n I want is 2 b 2gether again except no one will let us, the court system has failed my daughter as she is so sad all the time, just goes 2 show that it’s all about the money as I hav Legal Aid & he has an expensive lawyer. A WK b4 Christmas this yr he put an ADVO on me n now I’m not even allowed speak 2 her n haven’t even been able 2 let her know why I can’t answer her calls or txts, Everyday my depression & anxiety gets worse, she is my only child and I’m 38 so I won’t be having anymore children as I hav also been single since the day I left him 7yrs yrs ago, the courts have takin my rights as a mother away..!! So Like I said hence the reason why he got an AVO – IM JUST GOIN 2 TAKE HER SOON N RUN AWAY WIT HER N NO ONE WILL EVER FIND US…!!! My daughter is a pawn to my ex n the courts, it’s disgusting..!!

  101. 9 months but those days feel like forever. Has destroyed the tightest relationship and robbed us of quality time. A living hell….filled with police calls for no reason, intervention orders, professionals being charmed by the alienation and not seeing the true situation, guilty until proven innocent, no involvement uncritical decision making, so much money spent and getting nowhere…that’s just a few examples of what I’ve experienced.

  102. When my son he was almost 12 years old my ex husband called me out of the blue at work and told i could have him back because there were problems.. I jumped at the chance, my son was so angry he wanted nothing to do with anyone. He turned 18 and this week it
    will be 12 years SINCE he went back to his dad I heard, pain is so intense.

  103. It was 3 hellish years. I thought I’d never see her again.

    I’m now back in contact with her – I hang out and spend loads of quality time with her every weekend. I do the school run on Monday’s, and Skype during the week.

    Don’t give up guys, stay strong. Your kids deserve you and you deserve them.

  104. 4 years. My partner and I raised two boys with a lesbian couple. My relationship was toxic. Finally had the spine to get away after 11 years. I write, send cards, presents, pictures, etc., but all go unacknowledged. I’ve been labeled the bad guy. I have no legal or biological rights. It’s so heartbreaking.

  105. Haven’t seen my two little boys in over three year’s. I miss them so damn much but I’m so scared that they forgot about me or hates me. Their mother won’t get into contact with me or let me see them not even sure where they are. I just feel that I’ll never see my kids again and it sucks.

  106. I have not seen my two daughters in 2 months. It still hurts as much as the first day they were gone.

  107. I have not seen or had any contact with my daughter for 5 yrs. She was 9. I was a confident and sucessful person.In the past 5 yrs I have done nothing.Not worked,not been able to focus on anything. I have no interest in anything,I have no plans,I aspire to achieve nothing.Sometimes I sit and when I look at the time I realise hours have past. I am highly emotional I am unable to talk about my daughter with anyone. I think about her all the time. I have tried to cope but realise I need help to regain control of my life. Can anyone tell me how I can get help please

  108. First child 17 years, second 8 years now. And currently going through divorce without seeing my daughter for 2 weeks. A real shame men have to fight courts and lies to receive rights already theirs.

  109. 280 Days and counting. Some women are more evil then the Devil. (Heartless, Selfish. Everyday is a struggle for me don’t know how much longer I can take it for

  110. Almost 2 years in October 2019. Ex parte with affidavit full of lies and one from a play for pay therapist who never met the kids. My 18 year old now lives with me, but it’s been a long road with no end in site. A GAL has been assigned and not done anything since being assigned 4 months ago. I really feel for my other boys and miss them more than anything.

  111. 22 months since I’ve seen my son with no end in sight. He can’t even explain to his therapist why he won’t see me. I live 1 mile away. He turns 18 this fall.

  112. Aug 2014. Last time I saw my daughter. Worse than my pain is the pain heartbreak and turmoil my now 19 year old daughter is suffering. Her Mam has alienated and manipulated her. Last month my daughter was admitted to hospital after suffering a breakdown. She has missed 2 years of schooling 2 years of carefree teenage living. The inner turmoil of alienated children can have long lasting effects on them.
    When will parents learn…put your children first, not your own angst. Not your own malicious vendettas. Please do whats right for your children. Children need 2 parents in their lives. If they choose not to see a parent then so be it but that has to be their choice. And only after all has been done to keep both parents in their lives.

    I will never give up doing what I know is best for my daughter. Dont any of you give up. Family is forever

  113. 8 years have seen my daughter a few times in between, she used the law system, and jail threats very well. I would have kept my daughter and payed for everything and let her see her when ever she wanted if I would have had the chance. But in America a man is just a side show for the courts, if you can let the women dictate how and when you can see your kid, than you may get by seeing her here and there, but if you standup for yourself or want some control over the kids future, you may be setting yourself up for jail, and hefty fines. Once I got hit with the lawyers and threats, I knew the only way I would see my kid without a dictator hawking over me, would be in her late teens! One can only wait and suffer daily, with wonder, pain, and sorrow, and shame. I have kept my self busy and somewhat normal, I hide everything pretty well.

  114. I have not been allowed to see my children for 6 years and I do not know why.
    I have not done anything wrong and I miss them everyday. I am so broken hearted that I lost everything because of not being allowed to talk to them. I really loved their father and do not understand why he and his family only want to see me completely destroyed.

  115. I have not seen my boy 15 now for over a year. When he turned 14 the court let him pick if he ever what’s to see me. I will never see my boy again cuz the ex will make sure of that. The courts do not care, or the the cops. No one whats to do paper work so no one did or will help.

  116. I have 3 children.They have become means to hurt me since divorce started. I couldn’t take it anymore and the problems lead to a suicide attempt postpartum after my daughter’s birth. I am medicated for my depression and have not had any problems since months before the court case started and still it’s been 9 months since I’ve seen my children. My family who was all I had… I feel empty and broken and alone and hopeless. I can’t hold a job and everyone else has lawyers so I have pretty much just given up on ever seeing my kids again. I was a stay at home mom since I was 18….I don’t know anything else…I was a damn good mom who Loves and will do anything for her kids but I just don’t know what to do anymore.

  117. It’s been over 2 years since I have seen my daughters. My ex has been trying to keep them away from me for years. I have battled her in court countless times. The last court order had police enforcement. Every time she decided to play keep away I would call them and they did jack squat . Although if I decided to play keep away I would be charged with kidnapping . I feel for everyone on this site . I live in Calgary Alberta Canada . I saw a comment on here where a guy said in Canada it’s mandatory 50/50 here. It sure is not. Our court system is just as crooked as everywhere else in this world.

  118. It has been 12 yrs since I have seen my daughter. My ex moved to Florida from Ohio so I couldn’t see my daughter. My ex put me through the ringer. I battled her in court , she always seem to break even or get ahead some how. I got it for abandonment , but she was the one who left.

  119. Phil
    8 years not seeing my 3 children. Saw them every 2 weeks but ex continually broke court orders. No one cared that they were punished for wanting to see me. Saw my youngest on way to work, i said hello but she ignored me. Social workers for the court only interested in not upsetting the mother.

  120. Apri 8th 2007. 12 years . Tried to end this torture three times.
    She just took off. No words or nothing.
    Dont even know if he is alive. Dss wont help.
    This has broken me.

  121. It’s been almost 2 1/2 yr since i saw my daughter. They will not allow mw any direct contact with her at all as it’s intercepted by the step mum. Parental Alienation needs to be recognised and stopped.

  122. Just short of 4 years – not sure if this is the actual list just seems like comments after the article. My children slam me on social media that I’ve moved on at their expense when actually what they don’t ever see is as recently as three months ago I was very close to suicide and the only thing that truly stops me and pushes me to soldier on is the damage my exit would leave behind for them.

  123. Haven’t had any contact with my three little ones in over 7 years. Emotionally and financially drained by the struggle to get any justice from our despicable family court system. Doesn’t happen here in America if you don’t have money, which my ex had plenty of along with professional connections. She moved out of state with my kids and I wasn’t even notified. Oh, but of course, they expect you to keep paying child support; that’s the only thing that matters to them. These courts are responsible for mass human rights violations on a scale unprecedented anywhere else in the civilized world.

  124. Almost four years…he doesn’t answer regardless how many times I apologize, acknowledge holidays and milestones, call, write or text.
    It’s a nightmare of punishments with no way out except death but then struck by the thought what if I give up too soon and miss him coming back.
    You just keep placing one foot in front of the other praying for a change.

  125. Almost 3 years now. I feel their life chances have been destroyed by social services and their health is at risk, but no way of finding them now (ex has no contact with family or friends). The UK is not a safe place to have children.

  126. It’s been 8 long years not seeing my three kids. I search social media and get lucky enough to see and find a picture of them every now and then. A lot has gone by. Nobody is perfect. I read somewhere it’s like letting a butterfly go; you may or may not see them again. Be good to yourself and those that remain by your side – it’s all you’ve got. Don’t give up and don’t lose hope.

  127. I’ve not seen my daughter for 4 years I made a lot mistakes with the mum.Ive been in court for two years and half On and off and just go back to square one .I just can’t cope anymore I honestly am contemplating writing a letter to the court to close the case it makes me physically sick the pain I feel and I feel powerless and resentful against the whole court system.It was 4 years ago in October it was her birthday 4 years ago the last time I seen her on that day she was ill in hospital on her 4th birthday have not seen her since the pain is unbearable and the emotions I feel . I promised I see her again sadly I did not cause of a breakdown of communication and my poor way of handling things with the mum.The child Court systems is a pathway to pain and more pain and more pain and just general pain for all parties involved and ask for Caffcass let put it this way I would not trust them to run a bath let a loan be in court room.

  128. 3years. Though they are 12 and 10, I’ve spent the equivalent of a year with them.
    I will never see my children grow up because she thought it best…And our legal system.
    I spent many, many years being angry, and then many more sad.. Until nothing, there is nothing left.
    I wish you all love and happinness

  129. Havent seen my son since december 2014, I still pay for him but I dont know where he is, he is 9 now, I dont even know what he looks like as the image i have in my head is my lovely 4 year old boy. I’ve been dying inside every day since the moment she took him from me.

    1. I am sorry to hear that. I know how you feel. Thank you for sharing your pain with us. Let’s pray and ask God to fill their hearts with joy and that they don’t feel the pain we fear they may have been feeling. We love them. We always will. xx

  130. Today is my daughters birthday and it has been three years that I have not seen her. Her dad won’t let me.
    Happy birthday to her and I hope she is happy.

  131. I’m in the long haul. It’s been 16 years today. I chose to walk away for that was my only path at the both of us living a normal life. Two more years and he will be an adult. I can’t imagine the emotional awakening I will again have to walk towards to hopefully creat a relationship with him. The daily pain is real, it does help to have faith in yourself. We all can only really hope for forgiveness and in the end Acceptance.

    1. It’s been 4 yrs. My son’s mother left me. I got married a few yrs later. She stopped all communication.. My son is only 7yrs old. She wants me to sit in a room like I’m a bad person. Before I got married I could get him anytime. Not so no more. It hurts me that I cry alot. A grown man!!!

  132. 5 years. I’m a victim of false allegations and domestic abuse. Now my children are, too. I pay monthly child support and have paid tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and therapy. I refuse to let it make me bitter or miserable, but some days are harder than others.

  133. I haven’t seen my 3 children going on 6 years. I have never heard my baby talk. As a child of abuse I can honestly say this is the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. I’m nothing without my babies. I hate waking up in the morning and trying to somehow make it through everyday. I’m heartbroken and destroyed. It hurts so bad, its nice to read others comments and see that I’m not alone in this horrible situation. Good luck and just keep trying.

  134. 772 days since I’ve seen my 7 year old son. They up and moved to another country and they have no plans on coming back to the USA. (Sad thing is I told the courts in 2013 that the father would leave the country but everyone said I was “CRAZY” but 5 years later he left, WITH MY SON.) It’s been a living nightmare since I lost custody in May 2014. Before they moved out of the country, I was at least allowed to drive 4 hours to visit when they allowed me but only under THEIR STIPULATIONS and SAY SO. They didn’t care that I had complied with the court order, they still made it hard to see my son. They knew they were leaving the country but waited until they moved and then had my son tell me they were there and said they would be home in 3 months, that was 2 years ago. It is the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life!! Something has to be done!!

  135. It has been almost 3 years since I was cut off from contact with my daughter. I have reached out to countless agencies and organizations begging for assistance. There is none. My heart breaks every single day and every single day I think of dying. The pain is so immense and overwhelming it has taken everything from me. My hopes, my dreams, my happiness, my reason for living. It is all gone. My heart is gone.

  136. Jan. 24th. 2013 “the Arnold Minors” Delta County Michigan, 2013. , Kidnapped VIA False report Of Michigan DHS Worker Steven Ladderman.

  137. I am a disabled Veteran, former N.YC. Corrections Officer, worked 20 years for the U.S. Postal Service, own two properties, raised two daughters who both graduated from four year universities and have no criminal convictions and yet the Department of Children and Families has taken my two sons because of their mother’s past history with them. I fought six years and am still fighting and yet I have not seen my firstborn son in three years and my youngest son is in their “care” with a broken thigh bone. Through lies, perjury and falsified documents these cruel heartless people have robbed me of my precious children. I am 59 years old and may not have much time left. And I still don’t know if I will ever see my children again.

  138. It has been 2 and a half years since I last saw my daughter. It was my birthday and her father (who was granted sole custody due to wrongful allegations to me) finally after a month of him keeping her from me. If I knew that would be the last time I’d ever get to see her I would have held on longer and tighter. She was 8, he told me she didn’t want to see me anymore cause I had her in the car when I went to get some stuff from my ex’s; he told her that I never wanted to see her again with no explanation. It’s been a year and a half since I last heard her voice. After calling nearly every day for over a year he finally answered when I used a blocked number….he argued with me, I heard whispering from him to her in the background and her come on shyly saying “I don’t want to see you again”. With this story it may seem like I can be made out to be the “bad” parent but that has never been the case, unfortunately when things can be twisted they will be. I lost custody of my daughter in 2013, she was 4. I openly admitted in court that I smoked weed at night when my kids where sleeping, I also admitted to moving 5 times that year (this was only cause my ex’s would harass my landlords till I’d get kicked out)…..that year the judge we had, his wife left him and apparently she got everything in the divorce. I was not the only mother who lost custody that year from that judge. Over the years I continually changed my life to please my ex so he let me see her and to the courts in hopes of at least get joint. That never happened…..has anyone been with someone that can manipulate any situation to their needs? That was this case, no matter what I did my ex always found a way to come up with twisted lies and have them believed without evidence. Constantly having him abuse his custody and not let me see her for months if I either stood up for myself or did something to displease him (nothing that would even have to do with children). The last day I saw her was after not having her for a month. I had to pick up some clothes and blankets from my other ex’s, she wanted to come with so I let her. I grabbed my stuff and left, nothing at all happened. The next day I asked to talk to her, he tells me she never wants to see me again cause I FORCED her to come with me. The last time I heard her voice….you’d think the whispering in the back ground was him encouraging her to talk to me but no it was him literally saying “it’s your mom, tell her you don’t want to talk to her”. I’d like to say that’s the first time he did that one, but it was a common thing over the years. My daughter is 10 now and I write her a letter every couple weeks, I never get one back but I keep writing, hoping one day she will finally get to reach out. I have sole custody of my two other daughters (her younger sisters) and it’s been so long for my youngest that she doesn’t even remember her anymore although I try and keep her memory in her mind but she was so young. I am not a perfect parent, nobody is. BUT I am not a bad parent….I do not do hard drugs (weed at night that’s it), I do not touch alcohol, I don’t even go out on weekends. I can’t even remember the last time I left my kids with an actual sitter. They are happy, healthy and absolutely brilliant little girls. I don’t know if anyone else out there has been through this but I’m at the point I feel like I’ve lost her forever and she doesn’t know I’m looking for her. I view this as “legal kidnapping”….parents with sole custody abusing their power to keep the kids only to them and not let the kid even know the other parent or that they even want them. Going through this has been the most painful experience and I just want to find my daughter and tell her I’m here and I’ve never stopped trying.

  139. A year on June 14th 2020. I came to terms with it in December. That doesnt mean I wont keep trying, it means I accept it may never happen. It brings a weird peace and allowed me to move on. I have also moved out of the area. If she wants to find me, she will find a way. I’m not spending my life moping. it may sound harsh but we have to do it to move on. Her 15th birthday is next weekend. How will i feel – No idea

  140. 22,years my son Ryan I’ve never seen since he was two months old. Paided csa till he was 8,still no contact,got to speak to him 17 he said F off give up stop trying he wd get police and get injunction on me for trying contact!mother changed his name as we weren’t married she wdnt tell him until he was old enough who was his proper dad!then excuse he doing his exams how dare I try to contact when I never had before?!!tried suicide 3 times sadly didn’t work,every day of my life is exhausting beating myself up it’s just not fair simply because me and my ex didn’t get on!!im fed up women should be punished for this except where a child has been abused I can understand! Well another day tomo then another

  141. Going on two years this June, but that was one of those secured visits that lasted an hour. Ex up an moved my three boys shortly after that visit. Doing everything I can to lend them support but my ex and I weren’t in the best financial situation before all this started. Now I’m sure she’s getting plenty of state aide and funding, way more then most hard working individuals make. My oldest is 10 now, my middle one is 8 and my youngest is 6. I do have contact with them but it is very limited.

  142. Hi I have one son he is 4 in august its been 8 months and 12 days since I last saw him I Just want to hug him and never let go I do see photos of him and videos but not much it does not make any pain go I am keeping myslef from going crazy from not seeong his faceI know hes smiling and happy they foster family treat him so well but his my son I have terrible anxiety and they said I can not look after him myself they could have helped me but the social workers no one could help me not even my family so hes in foster care I cry evrey day and I am in pain so much I want it to stop its the worst pain ever I will still try to get him back if I can while hes in foster care but seeing him is hard I am crying seeing all others posts I need any one to talk to

  143. I have not seen my son in 14 years. He is 16 now. I have paid a lawyer when he was 2 and I still was denied my father rights. The state of Utah and his mother have been holding my son hostage ever since. I have had my car my license and all my tax returns and coronavirus money go to the mother. I have never been able to claim my son in tax season, that money goes to the mother as well. I struggle to survive everyday and I am NOT a drug user or a criminal or a violent person. I miss and love my son so much and it hurts everyday I can’t do my duty as a father and raise my only son.

  144. i have lost contact with my son in 2007 when i had to move for work, i seen him in the mediators for 30 minutes and he said daddy dont go , yes i cried and alway do when i think of him. As the court had agreed i was to be able to have access to him by phone and that shortly ended after i left. upon returning home i found that her and her brother inlaw whom she married moved with out a forwarding address. I cant get the court to find her they tell me i need to hire an attorney . Robert James Mohlburg I Miss You

  145. Not seen my 3 year old son since september 2019 so almost a year. The mother makes it so difficult so I had to walk away. Breaks my heart everyday

  146. On February 3, 2020, I hugged my children goodbye at the train station. We had had a lovely time together. My daughter even said she wished she could stay.

    And then–NOTHING. I have heard nothing from my daughter at all. We were formerly very close. My ex-husband tells me she does not want to see me or hear from me.

    My son has written me horrible text messages saying “It is finished. I never want to see you again.” He did initially text me that their father (my ex-husband) had told them to not even answer the phone when I called. So the phone is never answered. NEVER. My texts now go unanswered. It as though I have been erased. Their father has told me to give him $10,000 that I do not owe him and that this will “not solve everything but it would go a long way.”

    I have this all in writing.

    I share custody with my ex. He is in contempt of a Court Order allowing phone access and liberal physical access. I am going to have to sell my house and pay some bl**dy lawyer who doesn’t give a damn to go back to court to fight to even be able to speak to my kids. I am so worried about them.

    If I thought it was better for them not to see me, then I wouldn’t do it because it has been over *10 years* of him dragging me through the courts, breaching access provisions, being a vexatious litigant and telling anyone who will listen what a horrible person I am…. I sometimes feel I just CANNOT DO IT anymore.

    I have other family and my fiance to worry about but..I just have to keep on going, functioning… on…pure will, I guess.

    I am going to have to go to court again, obviously. I just do not understand what has happened. I mean, I get that he has been poisoning their minds against me for years but everything was fine, it seemed! What happened in that period of time between when we said goodbye and now?!

    I am heartbroken, absolutely devastated.

    I literally would not wish this on my worst enemy, not even now that he has done it to me.

    My heart goes out to each and everyone of you who has lost that which is most precious, the loves of their lives–their children. 🙁

    1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It’s been 7 months since I’ve seen my boy and yet it feels like 7 long agonising years. It’s like I’m missing a big part of me and it hurts and I hope that he isn’t feeling the same.

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  148. I haven’t seen my son for 8 months. I’m really struggling. Every day i wake up wishing to see him. Every waking moment I’m constantly wishing to see him. Every night before I go to sleep I am wishing to see him. Photo and video memories pop up on my social media feed of him and myself enjoying something that we were doing. I look at messages and drawings he did of me saying how much he loves me and how cool he thinks I am. It was all taken away suddenly a couple weeks before christmas last year and now I am fighting to get him back. According to his mother and the family therapist he doesn’t want to see me. He hates me apparently but I haven’t been given a chance to talk to him about it to find out the real issue. I have been accused of something I have not done and the process is so long, tedious and expensive to clear my name I just feel like giving up. He is graduating primary school this year and I am fearful I will miss out on it. This is by far the toughest thing I have had to deal with in my entire life – I have had some really tough times in my life but nothing compares to this. I am lucky to have a strong support base because right now I don’t think I’d be here without it. I just want him back. It’s all I want I would give up everything just to have him back with me. I have so much still to teach him and he has a lot to learn from me. I’m not a deadbeat dad. I have been there for more key moments in his life than even his mother. I feel helpless and am constantly sad because he is gone. We were incredibly close before he was taken and now I’m just empty and struggling. I wish i could talk to someone who could help me properly. I had a VRO put against me using false allegations and I thought I could speed up the process of getting him back by going to court – for all people in the same situation as myself don’t go to court. You are much better off contesting the VRO and waiting for the VRO hearing date to come around and fighting it there and then. It’ll save you a huge amount of money and unnecessary time wasting because I’m still going through court and my VRO hearing has been and gone. There is no real help when you have false allegations made against you and it’s extremely hard to find help when you’re a man. The whole system is geared against you. I’ll continue wishing for my son back each and every waking moment until i get him back. I am hopeful that I will see him again

  149. I raised my daughter for 12 years. She visited her dad on holidays and some weekends. She went to her dad’s summer of 2018 and never came back. Her stepmom turned her againist me. This woman always wanted to hurt me and she used my daughter to do it. Now my daughter saids she is her mom now and I’m nothing. I went to court, meditation, tried to get her in tharpiy nothing worked. My daughter was everything to me. I was a say at home mom the whole time she was growing up. My mother still crys herself to sleep we miss her so much. I don’t no how to live without her.

    1. My story is so close to yours. I’ll pray for you to be reunited. My hope is in the Lord of Lords and King of Kings!!! Just remember, woe to all of those in loves in taking our children out of a safe great loving home and put them in homes that are the opposite. The Lord is a righteous judge and they will be judged one day. I kept a journal and wrote to my daughter every single day since they blocked my communication. I mailed it to my daughter after she snuck a call to me at work one day. She still has never seen the hundreds of pages I wrote to her!!! I’m so deeply sad but more so for the damage it’s causing her. She’s cutting herself now…please pray for my family to be reunited and for my daughter to come home. Thanks. Know that I’ll be praying for you and all here.

  150. I’ve been alienated from my three beautiful children since January 2018. Mother is a controlling narcissist. Divorce still not finalised, and she’s telling them lies. Took her to court for access, but court said it was the children’s decision not to see me because of their ages.
    Using children as a weapon in divorce is pure evil.

  151. Its been 4 months with no end in sight. Theres no purpose to my life without him and everything is empty and meaningless. I justvwant to hug him. My soul is almost dead.

  152. It’s my daughters 15th birthday today. It’s been two years since I last saw her and my son. After 15 years of abuse from my ex I finally had enough, and in retaliation I’ve been denied all contact.

    Days like this are particularly hard.

  153. I havent had any contact with my three babies my Eldest Daughter was aged 9 second Daughter was 6 and My Baby boy was aged 2. Since October 2016. My exes parents have full custody of them.. I dont even know where they live anymore. After the most horrific thing my x did to me. I was broken mentally physically & Emotionally.

  154. 7 months since I’ve seen my little Billy. We were best friends and I missed his ninth birthday. I miss him so much and we were so close and yet my ex says that he doesn’t want to see me. Theres not a single moment that I dont think of him or miss him. There’s not a single morning that I dont cry for hours and theres not a single second that I dont want to just end it. I dont know what to do or who to turn to. I have no one. I just want to die.

  155. It’s been 16 years… my son just turned 6 yo and after his mom and I divorced she forced adoption on me that I couldn’t fight. He’s reached out 2 years ago and since that time no communication. The family has established that his mom is still angry and barring him to seek a relationship with me because he’s afraid it will cost him his relationship with his mother.

  156. My name is Maggie I raised my daughter for 12 years she saw her dad on weekends and holidays. She was a great kid. She went to her dad’s for 2 weeks and never came back. she dident talk to me said her step mom was her new mom. She blocked my number etc… I tryed to get her in therapy and spent 2 years trying to get some kind of visation but they had poisoned her mind so bad that she would not come and still won’t. It’s now been almost 3 years and I have given up. She was my whole world and now she’s gone. She tryed to kill her self 6 months ago and they wouldent let me in hospital to see her. It’s so painfull. I feel so helpless.

  157. LENA ARMENGOL GARCIA – she is going to make 8 years on january the 10th…i dont see her for more than 4 yearsim from portugal and her mother took her to catalunya (SPAIN), she does not give any information, no emails, no cell phone…its horrible….i am not a murderer or a bad person…after a while i started my life on my own…bi+ut some days it crushs you totally, im crying now, i will be better in a while but its so fck@ed up…

  158. 3 Son’s who are all adults now. They were all young kids the last time I saw them. They won’t speak to me. The pain never goes away. Not a day goes by that I don’t grieve.
    It is especially hard because I know they are struggling. My oldest now nearly 30 is really messed up and hanging with a bad crowd. I never imagined him turning out that way. He was such a beautiful baby and a sweet kid.
    I paid a high price for the mistake I made.
    Forever Sorry My Boys
    I love you all very much.

  159. I have not seen or spoken with my son in about 7 to 8 years. He is 30 now. Occasionally, I get text messages from him.

    I have not spoken with daughter in over 5 years. I have inadvertently run into her a couple of times in those 5 years, and she purposely ignores me. I have also reached out to her a few times in writing and she has chosen not to respond.

    In 2014 she told me to fuck off and she did not want anything to do with me ever again. She has lived her life since then as if she met every word of it. At the time she said this, she had asked to meet me in a public place. I knew she wanted to discuss our relationship. When we met, she asked that I sit quietly and listen to her and not interrupt at all. She asked that I not ask any questions. I fully complied, and listened. She talked for about 45 minutes. It was very calm, about our relationship, but also very abstract. It was about parent child relationships in general terms mostly, and perhaps the singular theme was her wish not to be blamed for things that might go wrong in the future. When she had finished her remarks I began to ask questions about some of the things she had said to better understand some of her rather confusing comments. At that time, she said she did not wish to answer any questions, but that I should say whatever I wanted and she would listen. Not having anything planned to say, I just expressed how confused I was that she seemed to have an ongoing one sided conflict with me, and there seemed to me to be some deep seeded hostility of unknown origin. I also mentioned about how it seemed it could be left over adolescent angst that triggered her feelings towards me, and at that point, she exploded in rage. Yelling, screaming, cursing loudly, calling me names, spewing insults at me. I sat in silence, dumbfounded. It was like a switch. She went from calm to rage in an instant. She stormed off, turning back to yell more insults, her face red in anger. And it has been that way ever since.

  160. I think about my son Anthony all the time and quite frankly there isn’t a day that I don’t. From a spiteful/hateful mother who took him and my step daughter Stephanie away 9 years ago after draining my bank account she along with her new husband filed for me to lose my rights and used the courts to get what she wanted “Me out” and like me she has fooled her new husband into being the legal father of children that’s not his. She did this to me when the money was good but when it ran out so did she and on to the next man with money. I cry from time to time not knowing if ill ever see my son Anthony again or Stephanie. I have never been the same as far as trust for women ever since being with my ex and I don’t think I ever will. Love you Anthony wherever you are. Jonathan

  161. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this post. I have not seen my boys soon to be 19 and 22 in about 6 years. My ex a brilliant attorney, but an irrational human being, allowed them to start using marijuana within a few months after our divorce. My older son had just turned 16 and was soon expelled from school. we had started having issues with him around 13, ADHD.
    She did not respond to the school which was trying to help him. My younger son who I had a good relationship turned against me. I believe a lot had to do with my attempt to stop a 13 and 15-year old from smoking dope.
    I never missed a child support payment, paid the medical insurance. Tried to get her to at least bring them to counseling with or without me.
    I sought legal help and was told it was a difficult choice, if I petitioned for my younger son he might be placed in foster care due to the drug use, while a judge decided. He might resent me for life.
    In the end, I failed in every way. She would not even accept UPS packages from me with Christmas gifts for them.
    I have little hope. Even if I could connect, the time was lost. The worst part my job had turned and I could spend weekends with them.
    I have no idea what they are doing or if they are ok. Ex would not even respond when I would see an ER bill. I especially worry as my older son had a football injury at 14 and was still having issues.
    Where does one turn?

  162. 320 days since I’ve spent more than an hour (in strengthening families counseling) or so with my daughter who I was super close with. All because of false allegations. I seriously still cannot believe it. Let’s pray for each other here that the Lord will restore our children with their rightful fit parents. 💕🙏🏻🙏🏻

  163. 4 months I haven’t seen my daughter. She is 13, She left to her dads house like everything was fine and decided not to come back. She refuses to talk to me about whats wrong. I feel lost and alone. Will she ever come back? Her dad has groomed her to hate me and now her step mom is doing the same. I’m always the bad guy in her eyes. She’s told lies about me to many family and friends. I feel hurt, betrayed and heart broken.

  164. 5 years since i saw my children. Son is 20 today and daughter is 15. Every day I lose a little bit more and every birthday is a stake in the heart.

  165. I have not seen my daughter in 26 months. She turned 14 years old in May. She has a six year old brother who has also not seen her and is on the spectrum…he doesn’t understand where she went. She has a “new” baby brother who is now 22 months old. She has never met him. I find very little meaning in the life we have now; we simply exist. I would give anything to hold her face in my hands. God bless you all and the nightmare you wake to each morning.

  166. 4 years I haven’t seen her because I went to prison, my fault I know. Then I was deported and she doesn’t want to speak to me. She needed her passport form signed so I said I would only do it if she came to see me. She did and came literally just for that! No hug, no hi, no pictures absolutely nothing! Only thing she said was leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to you ! It’s been a total of 8 years now, she turns 16 in one week and I’m am 33 now! It’s been the most painfull years of my life, tears and pain in my chest build up every time I think of her, when ever some one mentions her or even if I watch a movie about a little and her dad 😢

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