Parental Alienation Is A Pattern of Severe Psychological and Emotional Child Abuse

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In the following weeks the will be exclusively publishing a new series of reports on Parental Alienation … this explosive series  runs to thousands of words and explores every aspect of what is sometimes described as a syndrome.  Read it here and leave your comments and thoughts …

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5 thoughts on “Parental Alienation Is A Pattern of Severe Psychological and Emotional Child Abuse

    1. Excellent point Felicia. Seemingly, the part of the report discussing PAS is dated 2004 when PAS was acceptable. Although some individuals and professionals continue to use the term PAS, in many arenas, the word syndrome has been eliminated.

  1. This section of The Report offers a detailed description of the maltreatment of PA. Using the research from the book by Clawar and Rivlin on the stages of brainwashing is informative and succinct. Interestingly, this book written in 1991, uses the term alienation and describes alienation as: one result of a programming/brainwashing process that leads to the estrangement of the child from the target parent. As the term parental alienation (syndrome) had not been introduced until a few years later.

    1. Most people do not understand that the word Syndrome is a group of symptoms in a patient, in the case of PA it refers to the symptoms in the child. (Gardner’s 8 Manifestations)

      So many people who do not understand the term have thought and written as if PAS is the process of alienation, the pathology and many other things. It is this lack of simple knowledge as to what a syndrome is which has caused decades of ad hominem attacks and confusion.

  2. Self Preservation.A child is forced to choose.When a child is held in the middle of a conflict between two parents, for at least one year and on average two years that it takes for the process of family court access.The child is forced to take sides if one parent is hostile to the other.The process worry and turmoil is too much for some adults sadly ,who commit suicide.For a child to be centre of two parents in a hostile fight must be unbearable.Sadly they are forced, for self preservation to reject a parent.Usually that is the weaker parent , primarily the father who has no natural rights and has to fight through the family courts to get access.Assumed rights need to be made statutory.Allegations should not stop access.At the very least supervised visits should be implemented.The word of any parent trying to stop access should be treated with suspicion.

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