Parental alienation… the thief in the night


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Parental alienation is real and it is not going away anytime soon.

It will seek you out and destroy the natural bonds between a normally loving parent and their children.

No one who is immune from this devastating and often debilitating act and it matters not if you are rich and famous, poor or middle class. You can fall into this trap just as readily as, the rest of us.

This is not a phenomenon that happens to just the unlucky few or is it even designated to a specific geographical area. It occurs in every corner of the world and when it arrives, we all tremble in fear of the unknown. Often, it strikes without warning and we are near powerless to stop it. It is for this reason, we must always plan for the unexpected and hope it never happens to us…but it might.
Much like a thief in the night, parental alienation will creep into your life without you ever having knowledge that it is in your midst. It lies, it manipulates and it deceives all who encounters it and is unrelenting in the destruction it seeks to cause. There is little you can do to stop it. Instead, you must remain vigilant in all your surroundings and those who you choose to make a life with.
For the most part, we usually make the right choices in life, but occasionally we let our guard down and fall in love with someone who is not who they pretend to be. Instead, they are incarnate of all we hoped would never enter our lives. When this happens, utter chaos will ensue and we will be left fighting the most epic battle ever presented to us.

Alienators are known to be incapable of true love and are able to move on to their next victim, all the while focusing their attention on the emotional destruction of their former spouse. They do this to satisfy their own lust of revenge and do not care who they use to promote their destructive will. Perhaps, they are devoid of any humanistic behaviors or thoughts.
It is not uncommon for alienators to enlist family or friends to aid them in their pursuits. Further, they have no remorse as they recruit other individuals into this madness. In their mind, everyone and everything is expendable including, their own children. For a rational person, this is not normal and should be considered a sign of a defective personality or mental illness.


When we have the misfortune to suffer this type of abuse, we must not allow ourselves to become totally damaged due to the actions of these people. Should this happen, we are no good to ourselves nor, to our children. After all, they are just as much victims in this terrible war, as well and have no way to fight back on their own. Our children need us to protect them from the suffering they are being forced to endure.
Their voices are silenced and are subjected to the worst form of mental and emotional abuse any child can ever know. As much as it harms us on every level, we must always think about what they are going through and how powerless they are to stop it. It is for this reason, we must not give in to the temptation of surrender. Lest, we betray our love for them.

In the end, heal yourselves in the effort to be made whole again and the battle you understand must be fought. The alienator knows that, if they keep you on the ground long enough, your resolve will be worn down to the point of victory on their behalf. Do not allow this to happen. You are stronger than this and your children are depending on you to be their hero. Don’t let them down.
Rise above and defeat parental alienation all around the world!


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