How peachy if it meant the end of Trump’s reign

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Impeachment is on the lips of many people, including myself, who know little of the implications of such a process but understandably rant about how a man of Trump’s calibre can continue to be, arguably, holding the most powerful position in the world.

I have spoken and written about why the U.S. government allows a very dangerous man, in my opinion, to threaten nations and religions.  It almost results in the helpless onlookers moving the blame for this potential Armageddon onto the statesmen who advise and surround President Trump.

To put it mildly I think he is inept.   The word ‘inept’ covers a wide range of negative attributes but when people in the White House are said to consider their leader ‘to be like a child’, anyone could identify the peril of this combination.

I decided to look into this easy-on-the-lips ‘impeachment’ idea, and from a reliable source discovered a little history:

There seem to have been two impeachments hitherto.  Andrew Davidson, who became president after Lincoln’s assassination – and Bill Clinton in 1998 for perjury and obstructing justice.   Each was impeached by the House of Representatives but acquitted by the Senate.  So each failed.  Richard Nixon was threatened with impeachment (remember Watergate) but he resigned before he could be sacked!

The more you look into the American System, which has a lot of good points, the more you realize that this word ‘impeachment’ which is fairly glibly used is in fact a deeply complicated process, not apparently easily accomplished.

There is something surreal about following the meanderings and twitters of anyone with such disregard for their position, their dignity and above all the results, the outcome of their verbal indiscretions.

In response to the book which has recently been published about him President Trump gave his public a list of his educational qualifications and his success in business.   Of all the things he has done and said this, in my view, was the most cringe-worthy.

The media may have had a ‘field day’ over the past year but, let’s face it, their response is surprisingly restrained when so much is at stake. 

Dorrie Jane Bridge

Dorrie is a former educationalist with a major interest in politics … she writes our Grey Pride section.

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