Why people don’t understand alienated parents and their children

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For those who have never travelled down the turbulent roads we alienated parents and our children are forced to journey, you will never understand us.  We are the tormented minds and spirits who are among you, but silenced by the fear inflicted upon us by our attackers and the very system who is meant to protect us.

We are here and our numbers grow with each passing day.  We work with you. We are your neighbors and friends. We are even, your family and yet, you do not know or recognize us. We are the invisible population who suffers in silence.  The injustices that are inflicted upon us are met with the greatest of indifference because of the wrongful actions of others who turn a blind eye.

There are literally millions of parents and children from all corners of the globe who are forced into a life of servitude to those who wish to destroy us emotionally.  Many times, we are powerless to stop them because of the actions of family courts who do nothing to promote the standard called “best interest”.

Try as we may, these people and entities are all too powerful and uncontrollable.  They will stop at nothing to achieve their agendas. For some, this can mean revenge against us for a failed relationship and their inability to have control of our lives.  Other times, it can take on the aspect of financial benefit as, they seek to enrich themselves at our expense.

As you read these words, there are many who may feel what I say is embellishment, but rest assured, it is not.  Look around and peer into the hearts, the minds and eyes of those who have been effected by the world of parental alienation.  Ask them how they feel and most times, you will get the same response. It is one that is devoid of all happiness.

I ponder at the lack of compassion that others have for us and our children.  Is it possible they are living in a world that is filled with blue skies, sunshine and rainbows and we are not or is it simply because, they buried their heads in the sand in the vain attempt to shield themselves from the realities of life?

Whichever the case we, the alienated must trudge through the pits of what our alienators and so-called system of justice has thrown our way.  It is inescapable and we are left with nowhere to run. Instead, we are forced to endure the torments parental alienation. Sometimes, we are successful and find a way out of this darkness, but not all of us are so fortunate.  Sometimes, it may take years if not, a lifetime to achieve.

As such, I wonder, when will the world wake up from its slumber and realize how many are suffering from this terrible epidemic?  How many more people must be decimated mentally and emotionally or even, lose their lives because they could not find the will to fight any longer?  Surely, there must be a way to regain the fabric we once held sacred and that is the value of familial bonds.

No longer can we stand idle as we are subjected to the powers who seek to destroy us and the love we have with our children.  It is time to make a decision – Will we remain slaves to these wrongful actions and people or will we take the reins of the horse in our hopeful effort be the good and loving parent our children deserve?

Ultimately, we must decide this on an individual basis.  For those who are unable to move forward, I understand because, there are many reasons that may stop you from doing so.  For the rest of us, we must do all in our power to create the awareness necessary to affect positive change and this means, standing up and allow the rest of the word to have a rare glimpse into the world of parental alienation.

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