A personal message from a parental alienation campaigner

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Andrew John Teague, from Swansea, is campaigning against parental alienation across the world … here he delivers a message of hope to all victims:

‘Over the last ten months I have watched so many of you go through so much. And it is heartbreaking. 
Parents, grandparents and extended families are fighting relentlessly to be in their children’s lives.
These children own our hearts. 

But we are stopped from seeing them by exes, by new partners and by the families of our exes.  Absolutely disgusting behaviour from one human to another.
Tears have literally rolled down my face at some of the stories I have heard over the months and many many times we have had to help members on the brink of total breakdown.
But we all carry on, relentlessly. 

Agencies and family courts inflict just as much damage as the exes do by aiding them through their protocol of a system not fit for purpose: 

  1. Parental alienation is abuse 
  2. It abuses our children 
  3. It is allowed to bully and abuse us 

Make it a crime!’

Visit D.A.D.S (dads against double standards) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1720744094852341/

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