Personal stories of those who decided to come home … The Great Return

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Today we publish the next of the interviews from this fascinating book by Zuzana Palovic,  The Great Return, Slovakia’s Lost Daughters and Sons Come Home. Zuzana is a Central Eastern European migration expert. Her book…

Today we talk to Luka Brasse, artist.

Her book tells the stories of people who went out into the world looking for wisdom and experience – but ultimately came back to the big little country of Slovakia as politicians, business people, writers and artists – and so many others who are becoming the intelligent bright and strong backbone of Slovakia’s future.

Now read the personal stories of those who came home …

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You can also buy The Great Return, Slovakia’s Lost Daughters and Sons Come Home from:

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As well as Slovak bookstores:

Martinus SK

Panta Rhei SK

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4 thoughts on “Personal stories of those who decided to come home … The Great Return

  1. Juraj Ma is art a field? is it a viable profession or is it a whim that is only possible when the rich don’t know what to do with their money? In the next financial crisis usually people can’t afford to be artists. Reality is how it is not how we would wish it to be.

  2. Art has always been viable as a field Juraj Ma … but not always marked by financial success. But art informs and educates, leads and creates new ways of thinking … art is the basis of commercialism too, advertising and architecture are two big examples

  3. Juraj Ma Leigh G Banks i put it to you that it has descended to little more than sucking up to the rich to win commissions, an economy of controversy and infamy, famous for being famous. I mean come on, Tracy Emin… A way for boring accountants who help others avoid taxes to buy themselves a semblance of quirkiness. Their output will not be picked up in the future as interesting or beautiful. Banksy maybe has a chance.

    skill also seems to have left the building which adds to the artifice.

  4. Interesting point Juraj Ma but art has always had that element, from da Vinci to Caravaggio, from Picasso to Dylan … creativity needs to eat … acting is art, music is art – both can bring you big bucks, so can writing, if you get lucky. The idea has always been to avoid compromise … but that is tempered by the right to survive… the internet has destroyed many skills, it’s up to us to fight back and rescue them…

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