Where politeness Costas you less but rudeness is met with a Blanca

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Good manners costa you nothing but being rude will costa you plenty. .. those are the rules at the Restaurant Blau Grifeu.

Brits who go to the eating house and coffee shop and do not say please or thank you when making their orders are charged an extra two euros when they get their bill.

But if customers are pleasant then the business in Llanca on the North-east coast of Spain discounts the bill by three euros!

It’s simple – if you’re nice to staff, your coffee will cost you £2.52 – if you’re not nice it will cost you £4.20.

And, if you a really pleasant and attempt to order in Spanish or even just wish the barista ‘buenos dias’, coffee will cost just  £1.09.

Owner Marisel Madrid says her rules have made a big difference.

She said: “People seem to be in a rush these days and forgetting to say ‘please’ when they ask for something.

“I put a sign in the window with the price system and it has made all the difference. People are now super polite in all matters and it has really improved daily life.”

Marisel, originally from Colombia, said people in her native country are a lot more polite when addressing waiters and cashiers – but said it is often tourists who are often the worst offenders in Spain.

The 41-year-old businesswoman said she was inspired by a restaurant in Paris, which offers discounts based on the politeness of customers.

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One thought on “Where politeness Costas you less but rudeness is met with a Blanca

  1. I live in the UK and in the last few years the price of a cup of coffee has gone crazy, £3 to £4 in some shops. I spend a lot of time in Spain and the coffee shops where I go only charge a euro or just over which is under £1…why should it cost so much here, when the quality is not great either.

    Sam Staffordshire

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