Postcard from the edge where love is banned

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First in a series exposing the truth behind Parental Alienation

A young father has been advised by the ‘caring’ authorities to not tell his daughter he loves her because it might upset her.

He is allowed, however, to send her a polite letter or postcard once a month – but even that has to go through an intermediary first.

Here the schoolgirl’s grandmother takes over the story:

“When she was just a baby the mother would say the father could see her, then change her mind while the child was out with him and the police would be called to snatch her back … this lead the child to think that her dad was steeling her and the police were taking her back to safety.”

Dad J, who says he hasn’t seen his nine year old daughter since she was three, had been banned from seeing her because of what he claims are vicious parental alienation attacks by his ex.

He claims he has been accused of domestic violence on many occasions.  He says none of the allegations have ever been substantiated.

He also claims his daughter had pressure put on her to write to a judge saying she didn’t want to see him again.

He said: “She wrote to the judge saying if she had to see me for one minute she would run away.”

His mother, Granny B, says that she has also lost contact with her granddaughter and that she is angry that Dad J has to send monthly notes to his daughter’s other grandmother before they are passed on.

The tragedy is that dad and daughter live less than five miles apart in Merseyside – and because of it all J and his family are in despair while,  his family says, his ex continues to use parental alienation against them all.

Granny B said: “The courts have been trying to sort this out for six years … in the meantime J was allowed to send a letter and photo of him and his dog. It was sent to CAFCASS.

“But the comment came back that the photo frightened her … the grandparents made a video for her once too, they dressed as Mr and Mrs Santa Clause. It was a nice happy film, but word came back that this also frightened her.

“As grandparents we were granted a visit in a neutral place and at first our granddaughter seemed happy, then the mother said something to her and she became distressed cried and caused quite a scene.

“J, who is 36, married quite young and took on his wife’s child who took his name, they were not married very long when things became too much.

 “My son has only ever received ONE letter from his daughter in SIX years. The mother simply refuses to cooperate.”

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