Publish and be banned! Sir Nick, stop your army of Robot Community Police killing good causes

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Open letter Sir Nick Clegg, head of global policy and communications at Facebook



The is investigating fears that the world’s biggest social media site is becoming totally anti-social.

Facebook’s reputation is getting as tarnished as an old tin can as it remains a platform for fake news, racism and cyber-bullying – and  is questioned regularly by governments about its use of personal information.

Facebook has hired you, Sir Nick Clegg, the former UK deputy prime minister, as its head of global policy and communications.

You have joined Facebook as it struggles to cope with mounting political pressure over issues including fake news, data protection and regularly faces the threat of government regulation.

Facebook is also seen by many as a prurient source of pornography yet publicly adopts a puritanical pose about people posting pictures showing the human nipple.

Now, Sir Nick, CWF can reveal Facebook is also perhaps unknowingly targetting good causes across the globe and asking for money off them.

In effect Facebook’s algorithms and robots are cashing in on despair for a few dollars at a time.

And what makes it worse is that the world’s biggest chat site refuses to chat about it!

There is no doubt, for instance, that Facebook once vowed to create a world that’s “more open and connected” – and yet the company is undoubtedly damaging a co-ordinated fight to end a crime which can hit any family in any part of the world at anytime.

Hundreds of thousands of people a day turn to sites on Facebook like D.A.D.s. NAAP and the to keep abreast of developments in the international battle against parental alienation.

Yet at least three major players have revealed that their fight to protect our children is being hampered by ‘jailings’ for offending community standards.

But who polices this tawdry organisation’s community and sets it abominable standards?

It used to be PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED – now, in this brave new world of Facebook, it is PUBLISH AND BE BANNED!

However, like the old hallowed game of Monopoly there is a get-out-of-jail card … but it’s not free!

Immediately you are banned – because you posted too fast and too often –  Facebook’s spidery Robots send you an ad offering to post the post they have just banned you from posting for an average $15 – $20!

Editor at CWF Leigh G Banks said: “We battle for many good cause and stand up for people in a strong and strident way. That is our brief.

“Yet on an almost daily basis posts about parents battling for their children, about people taking on big organisations  and  a campaign to save one of Britain’s stately homes  are summarily banned without explanation or recourse.

“Facebook has given itself over to a faceless army of Robot Thought Police, a ramshackle cyber army that is badly conceived and badly programmed and pays not  even lip service to Facebook’s original plan – to making being sociable a world-wide possibility.

“We have strong evidence to show that organisations working hard for real-world communities are regularly ‘banned; from posting because their posts go against Facebook’s community standards.”

CWF says that the people cited below are actually fighting to save lives of…


Andrew John Teague – stopped from posting about his international campaign against parental alienation and male suicide.

Eric Wiltsher –  stopped from posting on various subjects including community radio and war veterans.

Andrea Martin – stopped from posting on many community-conscious matters

Leigh G Banks – stopped from posting on a campaigns including one to save a Grade 11 listed historic monument.


Yet we have correspondence from Facebook saying that ‘Leigh’s posts are not disruptive and are informative and educational’.

That leaves one simple question to be answered: How do ‘non-disruptive and informative’ offends Facebook community standards?

Facebook has stayed silent on this. We have posed the question to four of their so-called Press officers  without any response.

Sir Nick you have pledged to do “whatever it takes” to make the company’s platforms safer for young people.

We applaud you over this endeavour but also ask you to look at what your faceless army of  community police are doing to people who care and want to advance communities in the real world.

Many of them are fighting for children who have become victims of abuse, alienation, disease, bullying  and indoctrination.

So, help us help them too… don’t ban us for days on end because we posted too quickly or too often which is seen as offending community standards.

And stop asking us to PAY your organisation to continue posting the posts we offended  with in the first place!

Come and visit us – the people who care – in the real world Sir Nick!

2 thoughts on “Publish and be banned! Sir Nick, stop your army of Robot Community Police killing good causes

  1. Looks like you’ve been Nicked Leigh!
    Will your plea get anywhere near the Errent Knight or will a Bot Chew it up – let’s hope it gets indigestion or even a suitable virus.

  2. Peter Davies Why would anyone want to prevent shining a light upon the issue of parental suicide caused by the family justice system. On the one hand the senior judges recognise that severing the relationship between a parent and child is the worst thing a court can do since the death penalty was abolished. It simply beggars belief that the lower courts have literally no concept of the hell and anguish that these parents and children endure. The fact that a normal reactive response to such a grave trauma can be seized upon and used to justify severing contact is abhorrent and sickening in the extreme. In bereavement we offer support and the state attempts to ease the burden. Yet, when one parent severs contact the stare punishes the victim to the extent that some simply cannot bear fighting on. Furthermore, the courts avoid doing the job they are entrusted with to harm parents, to harm trusting children, cause untold misery and hell. A system that allows this, indeed supports it in order to cover its tracks, is well and truly broken and needs an enema.

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