The reasons some stories have not appeared on CWF

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A lot of people, I know, have been disappointed that the has been unable to publish their personal stories about parental alienation … we have read each one and they are quite heart-breaking.

It is because of the way people have suffered that we are publishing stories every week on this wicked syndrome and giving a voice to those who are battling to have parental alienation made a crime.

But the problem is this – most people are, quite rightly, so angry about what has happened to them and  their children that they want to tell the world everything from their own point of view. In recent weeks we have had stories of child pornography, child sex abuse, drugs, lies and chicanery beyond belief.

And it isn’t that we don’t believe these stories … we simply can’t publish them, because every single one identifies the child.

There are other legal reasons we can’t publish these stories too, the most pertinent is libel … the truth is not necessarily a defence against libel, particularly if the article which contains the libel can be seen to be vindictive or malicious.

Some of these articles are so angry that they would not only jeopardise the future of the but also the writers themselves.

Please keep sending in your stories and we will publish them if they are legal.

We are sorry for the disappointment some people have felt but we have to operate within the law to continue our own battle to make parental alienation a crime.

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