Red Right Hand – let’s do it Snoop Shelby fashion

That gangsta, gang, gangsta.
Gangsta, gang, gangsta.
That gangsta love…

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Snoop Dogg has ‘NICKED’  “Red Right Hand.

Snoop, who once wrote the lyric “That gangsta, gang, gangsta
That gangsta, gang, gangsta
Gangsta, gang, gangsta
That gangsta love  .
.” loved the iconic Nick Cave track so much that he recorded a magical, almost mellow, version, much to the annoyance of some fans of the BBC’s rip-roaring series Peaky Blinders.

The phrase Red Right Hand is said to come from a line in John Milton’s  Paradise Lost and describing the vengeful hand of God. But in Peaky Blinders it is taken to mean the Red Hand of Ulster, used by loyalists like Major Campbell

Snoop Dogg is actually Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, who was born in 1971 – he is a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and actor.

However fans of Peaky Blinders haven’t been that kind to the new version.

“Garbage absolutely garbage, you’ve taken among the best TV exhibits out in the mean time with an already well-suited soundtrack and tainted it with this merely terrible try at music,’ one said.

‘Love Peaky Blinders… Love Snoop Dogg… However mixing the two sounds like a complete cluster f***,’ another said.

Snoop is not the first artist to cover Cave’s song for the show: PJ Harvey, Arctic Monkeys, Laura Marling, FIDLAR, and Iggy Pop and Jarvis Cocker have each given the track a new twist.

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