Remember to insure yourselves and your holidays

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As many people are already looking forward to that much needed holiday either in a hotel abroad or even that special once in a life time cruise.

As many people book their holiday well in advance, what happens if you fall ill or have to cancel your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances.  Most people book their holiday many months before they actually travel, but do not take out  travel insurance until nearer the travel date (if at all).

If you do have to cancel due to illness etc., even if it is months away most travel companies will not refund, even though they will probably sell the holiday on and most will even charge a cancellation or administration fee as they say they lose money on flights, hotel rooms or cruise ship cabins.

I had a similar experience myself on a trip to New York last year – we boarded the plane and sat there for an hour before being told we were snowed out.  There was an almighty panic by most on board to try and get their money back, for us it was simple, we got in touch with our travel agent and they just got us a full refund.

Whether  you book through a travel agent or organise your trip via the internet, make sure you take out your travel insurance at the same time.


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