The report which could change your life – and the life of your child

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In the following weeks the will be exclusively publishing a new series of reports on Parental Alienation … this explosive series  runs to thousands of words and explores every aspect of what is sometimes described as a syndrome.  Read it here and leave your comments and thoughts …

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5 thoughts on “The report which could change your life – and the life of your child

  1. When the judicial system can see the reality of what each parent offers the children In their development at all stages, the flawed monetary system will keep destroying the children’s lives.

  2. The numbers are interesting to say the least. High male numbers. This is a positive step forward but lets see how far it gets. Its criminal what actually goes on and all those parents (Fathers)who have committed suicide for not being able to see their children or wrongly accused by social services or the legal system. Discrimination on your doorstep. Its digusting. Im going through something of that now and its amazing how people close the door in your face. Like the schools for example.

  3. I’m not allowed to tell our son I love him,or miss him,I’m on supervised contacts,I can clearly see the emotional effect this is having on our sons mum wanted a brake for a few days,not the total destruction of our family, we’ve gone from a loving family to not even being allowed to talk or support each other,it like its devide and Conkor,I’m a private person,yet on every level our privacy was invaded…

  4. I’m not allowed to see my daughter, haven’t seen her in 9 years, until December (my first daughter wedding) was lovely, she also contacted me, New Year’s Day eldest daughter. No help from caffcass, social services, or courts. I was upset and beat down.

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