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Here at CWF were a committed to helping  people who are battling for their way of life … and soon we will be publishing the stories of those who are having their lives blighted by heavy goods vehicle using roads unfit for them.

We will soon reveal the story of the UK village where people have been forced to abandon their front gardens because of danger, noise and pollution – one couple has had to board up the front of their £400,000 cottage because more than 2,000 HGVs a day thunder by their front door … this is a true horror story being played out across the UK.

Watch this space – we will be revealing the truth very soon…


In the meantime, more ‘mega lorries’ will be on British roads as a ten year trial to cut congestion and pollution is set to be continue.

An estimated 90,000 lorry journeys have been stopped over the last four years after lorries that were nearly seven feet longer than conventional trucks were granted permission by the Department for Transport.

The DfT is now considering allowing the trial to run until 2020.

Figures on how many more could be put into the scheme are not yet known.

Lorries in the trial measure up to 60ft.

A spokesman for the Campaign for Better Transport said: ‘Longer lorries are not suitable for urban roads and a particular risk to cyclists and pedestrians as their tail swing, which is in the driver’s blind spot.’

However, the DfT says the lorries still meet the maneuverability requirements and maximum weight limit of 44 tonnes for 6-axle vehicles.

The department also claims the lorries are safer.

The trial is expected to save over 3,000 tonnes of CO2 over 10 years. The overall benefits are estimated at £33 million over 10 years.

Transport Minister John Hayes said: ‘Lorries are the engine of our economy and this pilot scheme is helping hauliers deliver the day-to-day goods we need more efficiently.

‘This is good news for consumers, a boost for motorists as it is helping cut congestion with fewer vehicles on the road and it is also helping the environment.’

In 2014, the Campaign for Better Transport warned that 83ft lorries weighing up to 60 tonnes could be allowed on Britain’s roads ‘through the back door’ with more of the huge lorries being used across Europe.

Are you battling heavy goods vehicles on your roads? Tell us YOUR story at the ConsumerWatchFoundation…

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