My roller-coaster ride as I look for the write dream job

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Ask a passer-by what they think of the younger generation and most will give you the same sort of answer. 

They’re lazy, entitled, afraid of commitment and too much like hard work. And they’re obsessed with Starbucks, lattes, snapchat and Netflix. Oh, and don’t forget that they never stop complaining about ‘how difficult they have it’…

In reality, life is difficult for young people, it’s a roller-coaster as we try to navigate the right career path, the right friends, the right foods and sleep-schedule. And all while getting our five-a-day – and balancing the right amount of exercise, work and time with family and friends.

So, as a 23-year-old writer facing all of these issues, I’ve decided to put down in words  my thoughts about life!


Finding the dream job

Since I was little, I’ve always loved writing. I’m constantly reading and get through at least four or five books a month. I love the twists and turns of a psychological thriller and the fluffy warm hug of a chick-flick read.

It was this love of books that fuelled my passion for writing … I also live in a household where my Dad is a news photojournalist – so there’s always newspapers around – and my Mum always has a book on the go.

I used to write short stories about pirates and creatures living in our quiet Kent garden.

I wanted to be a journalist.

I decided on that path when I was around seventeen and went to University in London and studied for three years, earning a 2:1. I expected to automatically go on to secure a job that I would love. And didn’t mind getting up at 7am every morning!

The reality is though, that getting a job in your field of study is hard, harder than I imagined.

I ended up taking up more hours at my part-time job as a medical receptionist and stayed there for five years because every news outlet I saw advertised on job sites wanted a portfolio of work or a lot of previous news reporting experience.

Eventually, at the start of last year, I secured a job at a local newspaper and could finally call myself a real-life journalist.

Receiving my brand-new business cards was a highlight, as I was meeting new people and telling their stories. However, it wasn’t my  ‘dream’ job and for a multitude of reasons, including a shift in how the paper was run and my editor leaving, I decided to leave too and try and build up my writing portfolio. I also wanted to finish my distance-learning course to earn my NCTJ diploma.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I still loved writing, I still loved talking to people and being a voice for them and I still wanted to be a journalist.

However, I noticed, while frantically scrolling through jobs on my phone one night, that there are other avenues within journalism… there’s feature writing, crime reporting, health and beauty writing, sports and content writing to name but a few. So I decided to take some time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do.

I have learnt though – and I think this is invaluable – that a ‘dream job’ essentially does not exist…

I enjoyed working as a receptionist and I enjoyed being a journalist. But each and every job has good and bad parts, ups and downs and if you expect to be ecstatic every day about rolling out of your nice, warm, cosy bed to head into the office, then you will be disappointed.

Maybe some people genuinely enjoy all parts their jobs, but even they have bad days. A major problem I had was that I studied a subject for so long that when I came to working within the field, it was harder and more work than I thought!

A lot of students fresh out of university feel disillusioned and unsure of where to go with their career path, let alone their lives, so the point of this article is just to say, we’re all in the same boat, and its okay to feel like you have no idea what you want to do with your life.

Trying out jobs is how you know where you fit best.

But remember that no matter what job you have, you will always have days when you feel like hitting snooze on that alarm ten times before you drag yourself into work. And on those days you just need an extra large coffee order.


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