Sam the Mod tells why Latin, Bosa Nova and all that jazz are the new sax in cities from Poprad to Paraguay

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SAM QURESHI is an alto saxophonist and a tireless exponent of jazz, mod bossa and Latin soul. Now he has captured the history of his passion on film.

Sam was born in Pakistan, spent his formative years in Birmingham – then moved to Manchester where he started to make his mark on the music scene more than 30 years ago..

He said in an interview: “I think Latin music has come to the forefront today, even with Justin Bieber’s hit Depacito. But it goes a lot further back than that, with the Beatles in the 60s…the Latin inflected And I Love Her.

“But today people from Sony, Universal and Warner are actively making contact with me – I’m talking with Universal Music LA about a potential US Tour to follow up our Brazilian Tour next year.

Foto: Monika Gécziová Zdroj:

Sam’s knowledge of the history of his music makes his film powerful and here he explains how it changed the face of modern culture with the sharp-cut, scooter-riding Mods of the 60s.

He said: “Mods took their name from Modern Jazz in London 1958. The culture spread throughout the United Kingdom and went worldwide, changing fashion trends, adopting Italian scooters such as Vespas and Lambrettas.

“It was an essential part of The Swinging 60s. The original Mods listened to Charlie Parker, Stan Getz and Miles Davis – now New Mods are listening to Sam Q!

“Whether it’s the chill-out Bossa Nova set in the lounge or the late-night hot sambas to dance the night away, it has become the re-birth of cool.

And that can be witnessed in bars from Bratislava to Poprad where pulsating hip-moving sounds are becoming sax in the cities…

“I like to think Sam Q’s Night Patrol take you on a journey back to the roots of modern culture.

“You’re not going to believe this but I must have worked with over 100 Musicians since the birth of  Night Patrol some 10 years ago. Jazz musicians are hard to hold as they are in so much demand and they tend to keep moving on with alternative projects.

“But this gives me such a empathy with that great saxophonist John Coltrane and other greats from the 1960s – they had the same problem with the quartets he tried to establish. Eventually finding his classic quartet of Garrison, Tyner and Jones.

“I have used many vocalists  on my compositions also –  including Gibi Dossantos of the Sergio Mendes Band. On my current EP ‘’Lucky Charm’’ I have introduced a young Swedish Girl on vocals called Maya.

“My idea is to introduce a new vocalist every 12 months, to give others a chance of breaking through in the music industry – I think this is important.

“When I tour different countries I will introduce local singers there.”

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