School warns over photographer in a silver van as villagers tell of nightmare

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Britain’s canal network – home to perverts?

A school has warned parents about the ‘overweight’ driver of a silver Mercedes van who, it is claimed, has been taking photographs of young children.

Parents have taken to social media to track down the middle-aged man who has apparently been seen outside at least two schools and in one instance was said to be parked next to a playground.

People also say he was photographing children on a school bus and at bus stops.

Jon Wedger on the canal network – picture Narrowboat World

The man is described as having grey hair and big with a stocky build.

There is a suggestion that the van is a Mercedes Vito. It has apparently been seen over the last couple of weeks in the Yarnfield, Stone and Eccleshall areas of Staffordshire.

A spokeswoman for Walton Priory Middle School, Stone, said: “We have no reports of incidents at this school, however we texted parents to make them aware that there were incidents in out-lying villages.”

One villagers posted on Facebook: “Please be vigilant. This is a bloody nightmare. I hope they catch him soon.”

This terrifying development in the quiet backwoods of Britain comes as the is campaigning against child sexual abuse. In an exclusive interview and a series of videos an ex-Met police detective claims a massive cover-up over attacks on children.

John Wedger says he was forced into early retirement after a breakdown while working to expose Britain’s perverts.

The former detective constable says he was bullied after filing an intelligence report alleging that a London a pimp was prostituting girls as young as nine to a leading judge. Police were doing nothing about it, he says.

Hemel Hempstead MP Sir Mike Penning has given his full support to Wedger in a campaign to protect police whistle-blowers.

Stone’s old town centre

Sir Mike said: “I have supported Jon since day one for both exposing the horrendous child prostitution case that he believes was being covered up and also for his apparent appalling treatment since becoming a police whistle-blower when his life was made a living hell.”

But now Wedger has made claims about the Satanic abuse of children in the upper echelons of British society – and makes the worrying claim that many paedophiles have taken to the canal networks to avoid detection.

Stone and its surroundings are closely linked to the canals.

Wedger has embarked on a number of fund-raising activities –  including walking through Staffordshire from  London to Manchester along the canal network where he says scores of sex offenders live ‘under the radar’.

He said: “I found a lot of paedophiles were going off the radar. There was a loophole in the law that allowed them to live on canal boats without being on the electoral register. This is why I walked the canals, just to let them know I know they are there.”

After identifying scores of perverts using the canal network, Wedger says he was taken off the job.

Narrowboat World quoted him as saying: “I endured an horrendous campaign of bullying for doing so. I specialised in child abuse investigations, I also exposed and investigated paedophiles who took up residence on the canal network. I used to address waterway patrol officers at the BWB national conferences regarding my discoveries.”

Some people in the Eccleshall area say that the man might in fact be taking photographs as part of a campaign against the HS2 rail link.

Eccleshall – fears over van man

High Speed 2 is a high-speed railway directly linking London, Birmingham, the East Midlands, Leeds and Manchester. Scheduled to open in phases between 2026 and 2033, high-speed trains will travel up to 400 km/h on 330 miles of track.

Chairman of the StopHS2 group in the Midlands, John Saddler, said: “If the HS2 goes ahead through this route, our countryside would lose a lot of agricultural land, and all of this land would be lost forever.”


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4 thoughts on “School warns over photographer in a silver van as villagers tell of nightmare

  1. Davai Goosey
    Davai Goosey So the article is suggesting that the guy is either taking photos as part of protests against hs2…..or he’s one of scores of Satan worshiping paedophiles who stalk the canals of Staffordshire…..seems a credible article

  2. Chris Davies That’s how I read it too. There a satanic man in a van and the canals are strewn with paedophiles. Or it’s about HS2.

  3. Tim Danbrook I cant imagine the sadness that Jon Wedger carys everyday as a result of his passion for victms. I pray for his well being and the well being of his family and the success of his mission. As far as the ( pick an Adjective ) that put road block after road block in his way i pray that some day they will come to realize the full consequences of there actions. And when that day comes and they need help to Understand what they have done and what to do about it. Guess who they will call. A decent hard working straight shooting rightious guy. Someone like Jon Wedger. Thank you Jon for al that youve done. .

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