Shame of the rotting cars inside a Welsh mountain

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Dozens of rotting cars are leaking into a subterranean lake inside a Welsh mountain … and it appears nobody cares.

The shameful dump of wrecked cars INSIDE a Welsh mountain

In fact the ancient slate mine in the coastal county of Ceredigion, far from being a place of shame for the local council or conservationists, has become a ‘tourist’ attraction for urban explorers and day trippers.

And nobody is admitting how this mountain of rusting vehicles, washing machines, radiators, tyres and general detritus has ended up there.

But it isn’t  a new phenomena – many of the dumped vehicles date back to the 1960s and 70s and the shameful problem first came to public notice two decades ago.

The mountain of cars appears to have been dumped through a narrow opening in the disused Gaewern Slate Mine.

The bottom of the mine shaft is filled with blue water and shards of rock break away and plummet into the ‘lake’ constantly, visitors say.

Worried locals say oil, fuel and battery acid could have leaked into the local environment for decades.

The mountain roads leading to a community’s shame

One explorer, Gregory Rivolet, was reported as saying that he spent four hours looking around the site and about 100 cars were down there. Tyres and other vehicle parts were strewn around the cave.

Gregory wrote: “There was something so surreal about this exploration… and then you see the most unexpected thing, a mountain of old cars.”

The mine opened in the 1830s and closed almost one hundred years later. But even in the 1990s the site was known to have historic interest –  there was a well-preserved drumhouse, some building ruins and a reservoir at the top of the site.

And yet the car graveyard was allowed to grow.

The local council told the they had knowledge of the mountain of rust but would ‘look into it’. However, the has asked them one question … after decades why doesn’t the council know?


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