Why do shops want to ‘hoover’ up my address?


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What is wrong with Britain today!

This is another true story … this afternoon I was dispatched to buy a new ‘hoover’ and went into the electrical shop in a nearby Shropshire town where I had my orders to choose a Henry …yes, a Henry. I found one with all its bits and pieces told the man I wanted it and took out the cash … he was a happy man, nice easy deal … until he asked for my name and address.
I looked at him a bit quizically and asked: “Why   do you want my name and address?”
He looked a bit surprised: “Because we have to take it sir.”
“No you don’t,” I replied.
“I’m sorry but I do sir.”
“I’ve only bought a Henry,” I said. “Not a Kalashnikov.”
“It’s a requirement sir.”
“Wot! If I don’t tell you who I am and where I live I can’t buy a Henry?”
“That’s correct sir.”
By that time I was a bit miffed and told him he was talking through his suck-pipe – a reference to Henry, nothing else – he looked very surprised at that and a bit shocked, so I threw my money on the counter picked up Henry and marched to my car ….

As I drove off I looked back at the shop and the shop man and his assistant were standing on the pavement forlornly watching me go…
I ask you .. .what is going on in Britain today!


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One thought on “Why do shops want to ‘hoover’ up my address?

  1. I have received an interesting comment from this company…Nailsea Electrical – The Kitchen & Appliance Centre Thank you for sharing this Andrea. We are a Henry stockist, and sell the bags. We stock Hetty also. I have to say we would need customer’s personal details for the purchase of a Henry as well, like all appliances. Yes we are building a client database but it’s needed for the purposes of the guarantee. Buying just dust bags on the other hand and you don’t need to give any personal information. This looks like a good site for sharing stories.

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