Why the sky should never be your limit

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One of the best things in life for me is free.

I get to watch it at night and day, admire its true beauty and not have to pay a penny. The sky is an amazing canvas for you to make what you will of it.

I know, I for one can sit watching birds soar on high as they parade the sky with all the freedom they have.

I sit and watch planes as they cross each other leaving trails as they go from one destination to another.

I sit in wonder as they don’t appear to be moving, yet in fact they are travelling at several hundred kmh.

We also have clouds, everyone can look at and see the shape. Each person can describe it as something different, but no-one is wrong and that’s the best thing about it.

Another amazing sight to to see during the day is the nearest star to our planet, the Sun. As we all know  we can’t stare at it directly, but their are many great ways to view it.

Now, as the night draws in and the sun sets over the horizon, the sky turns into an even more phenomenal extravaganza.

As the orange glow of the sunset starts to fade on a clear sky, stars and planets begin to appear like candles in the distance, flickering away showing people the way for millenniums.

Like the Sun during the day we are met with another spectacle, the Moon. Like the Sun during the day the moon can also be dangerous to look at with the naked eye through strong binoculars or telescope.

But you can purchase filters for your lenses so you can discover the moon in all its glory.

I’ve been looking at it since a child when my Gran, Eileen, sat me on her knee and pointed at the sky and said they put a man up there.

To this day I always remember that moment and treasure that memory. I still look at the moon and find new things, it truly is beautiful.

With a good set of binoculars you can view so much also. If you have a great place away from light pollution you can see the four largest moons of Jupiter. The centre of the Plough will astonish you also.

Where I live, I have a perfect 360degree view of the sky with minimal light pollution.  But that is sadly going to vanish, like most places as the powers-that-be allow building work to go ahead on our beautiful green belt.

But remember there are still great places out there. Keep dreaming big, never believe the skies are the limit. Just watch people float by on the International Space Station and there is more past them. It’s never too late to start looking at the skies, who knows what you may discover?



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