Slovakia honours the man who put the ‘green’ into AquaCity

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The Slovak economy appears to be continuing its fast-track expansion with  growth expected to be more than four per cent this year and next.

Experts say that low interest rates and a burgeoning workforce heralds a major boost to consumer spending.

Investment is up and family debt is still low, although new mortgage lending has made this traditional situation wobble a little.

And now the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bratislava, has marked  the country’s bright financial future by making an award to a British-based businessman for his ‘significant contribution to the economic development and business in the Slovak republic’.

Dr Jan Telensky, who has offices in Luton in the UK, is described as a British and Central European visionary. He was presented with a gold medal for his work in this small country at the heart of Europe.

Dr Telensky has spent decades improving life and the environment in the nation but with a particular focus on the small City of Poprad in the Presovsky region, under the High Tatras Mountains.

Among the many things he has been involved with is the renovation of Poprad Civic Arena ice hockey  stadium,originally built in 1973, and the recreation of  the city’s football stadium which now  boasts an under-ground heated pitch.

But one of his greatest achievement in Slovakia is considered  to be what is described as the  world’s greenest  and technologically astounding hotel, AquaCity Poprad.

AquaCity Poprad is a modern, eco-friendly tourist resort which is energy self-sufficient, using geothermal water and solar energy to stop tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Dr Telensky, who is majority shareholder in the park, said: “I am proud to have this recognition from the  Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It means a lot to me – but it also reflects the major steps this country has taken to put itself on the map in many imaginative and innovative ways.”

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