Why Slovak’s Dominika definitely thinks Wimbledon is to be sniffed at

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Slovak tennis ace Dominika Cibulkova has proved why Wimbledon smells like heaven to so many people.

The beauty has been holding court over her ability to identify the smell of different tennis balls – and she’s regularly caught having a quick whiff on court!

And now other players are joining in the game…

But it isn’t any racket so to speak, Dominika – who lost in the quarter finals last week – undertook a test to demonstration her strange new skill. She was blindfolded and asked where a series of match balls came from.

When she picked up a Wimbledon ball on the first try, she was filmed saying; “Oh, this is very easy. I’m used to this smell for two weeks in a row now.  They smell like heaven.”

Then, Dominkia, from Bratislava,  managed to correctly match each one to the tournament balls to where it had been originally used.

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