Stabbed through the heart of Britain … the shame of knife crime on our streets

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The massive number of stabbings in London has sent knife crime to its highest level nationwide in more than six years.

There has been a shocking  26 per cent leap in offences. The Official for National Statistics said almost 40,000 blade offences were committed in England and Wales in a years.

Here consumerwatchfoundation Martin Dook Ward gives a personal view on these shocking crimes.


He writes: Why are so many people losing their lives for nothing now a days?

People are being seriously hurt or killed for not having a cigarette or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

We talk about gun crime in the USA, but the UK  – to scale  – is just as bad for knife crime.

Recently in the area I’m from more and more weapons seem to be being found.

Kids as young as 13 are being caught hiding weapons in woodlands. In one case the police discovered a large blade and a meat cleaver.

The purpose of being hidden are officially unknown but  to be honest they do not bear thinking about.

As I go out for a sociable drink with friends, like most places in the UK and probably the world, there are the odd arguments or scuffles between people.

But now people are mad, using anything to hand as a weapon. Gone are the days of Queensbury rules, it’s more like Thunder-dome from the Mad Max films.

Two people enter but only one should leave. Fighting to the death almost, no hesitation or thought of consequence.

I have seen a post on Facebook where a blade had been found during the day near to a night club.

The person said that the emergency services operative had told them to place it in a bin. I contacted the police regarding this and they replied: “I would be very surprised if this happened. It would never be common practice to throw a knife into a bin.”

I would have to agree with the police, surely it would be taken away for forensics?

We had a case where a local door supervisor who was stabbed to death with a large knife as he chased a somebody for causing trouble outside a bar.

The offender walked out of court free as he claimed self defence.

A young man named Adam Ellison who was known by many for working in his local supermarket, described as a gentle natured person who has never been in trouble in his life. He was walking in a pedestrianised area when an argument broke out with youths on a motorbike.

One of them stabbed him and within two hours of this incident he sadly lost his life.

The most recent case is a young girl who was working in a travel agency.

With customers in the store a male entered who exchanged heated words with the girl before slitting her throat.

Due to an investigation and upcoming court case, not many details can be discussed at this point. But it truly is an awful event that is becoming more frequent.

I would like to thank the police for doing a great job with investigating and capturing criminals and it’s just sad that after all their hard work the fate of what happens to criminals is in the hands of 12 people.

I can’t stress enough though how much that fighting or carrying weapons is not the route to take  – it is silly and will only end badly.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all people affected by these unnecessary incidents.



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