Stop wine-ing – it’s official a glass is just like a work-out!

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Wine lovers, your dreams could have come true – yes, a scientific study has said that on top of all its other benefits, drinking a glass of red wine a day is more beneficial than an hour work out in the gym.

Yep, you read that right… there’s scientific proof that red wine is better than a work out – Well if science says it’s true then who are we to argue.

 What it actually means is that red wine possesses ingredients which create all the same effects as going to the gym. So, next time you drink a glass of red wine you can strengthen your heart, muscle and bones just as you would during a workout all without breaking a sweat!

But, just before you dash to the supermarket to buy a few crates of RED wine and start guzzling a bottle or more each day – it only works with one GLASS a day.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with White Wine at all.

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