Strikes me my job could go off the rails!

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I have been caught up in Southern rail network strikes and it looks like I could be  facing more misery as more strikes are threatened. The problem is I can’t get to work in London because of it all and my boss is getting really bad about it all!

I only work part time anyway so trying to get to work by any other means is just too costly… but he says if I don’t turn up for work on time  I could be in trouble.

Help please!

James, Leatherhead

Hi James,

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union have been using walkouts as part of their dispute over proposed changes to the role of conductors on trains. The company plans to make drivers responsible for closing doors – something that already happens on many services across the country.

A lot of people have suffered like you but here is the answer to your question:

It is between the employer and employee to decide what action can be taken during any form of travel strike. If it is that the employer maintains staff should be at work one way or the other, then that is simply the way it is. There’s really is no option.

If there was a complete lock-down of movement, a national security problem for instance, then the employer does have to make allowances for full-time staff. However, this doesn’t apply to contract and/or zero hours people.

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