Strummin’ on his gay guitar …

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Bob Dylan, one of the most enigmatic stars in the world over the last sixty years, has broken the macho mold of his act and recorded a song for a same-sex wedding anthems compilation.

The 76-year-old legend has covered  “She’s Funny That Way”, originally a Gene Austin hit in 1929, and later interpreted by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole.

And he has altered the lyrics to sing “he’s funny that way”, exactly like the female artists who have recorded it. They include Billie Holiday, Etta James and Liza Minnelli.

Co-producer of Universal Love Tom Murphy said: “If you look at the history of pop music, love songs have predominantly come from one heterosexual perspective. If we view music as something that brings people together, shouldn’t these popular songs be open to everyone?”

St. Vincent, Kesha, Valeria June, Ben Gibbard and Kele Okereke also feature on the six-track EP.

Kesha, who performs Janis Joplin’s I Need a Man to Love, said: “For years I said that I’m not getting married until any two people can legally marry in this country.”

Valerie June, who recorded a version of Noël Coward’s Mad About the Boy, said: “It brings the song full circle to know that it was written by a gay man who meant every single word.”

Good on ya Bob!


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2 thoughts on “Strummin’ on his gay guitar …

  1. Gravel voiced pub karaoke singer. Sorry, just doesn’t do it for me. Think I prefer “chicken in a basket” pub singer – Joe Longhorne!

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