Suffer the little Calais children as UK finally says, come to us

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CWF has been campaigning for action over the lone children wandering the notorious refugee camp in Calais.

Our Government was doing nothing, even though 387 of these youngsters have family legally livin in the UK and willing to take them.

However, it is now reported that MPs have been pressing the Home Secretary Amber Rudd to clarify how many of 1,000 unaccompanied children Britain will take when the Calais camp is closed later this year.

The Home Secretary says that when the camp closes the Government will be working closely with France.  Amber Rudd also said that an effort was to be made to remove as many children as possible before the camp clearance starts.

This new sense of urgency is welcome by MPs. In saying that bureaucracy will no longer hamper this movement, Amber Rudd could be said to be admitting that red tape is to blame for the suffering of these children.


Dory Jane Bridge

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