A tad over the top – or should swearing in pubs be banned?

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The owner of  the UK’s Samuel Smith chain of pubs has apparently banned swearing and told staff they could be sacked for not stopping bad language in the bars. 

Humphrey Smith, in his 70s, who owns the Tadcaster-based company along with his brother Oliver, is also said to be travelling the country secretly visiting his pubs making sure his workers are upholding his rules.

Customers who swear in the bars face being banned.

Samuel Smith is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire and its pubs are proudly old fashioned and many don’t even have televisions.

A so-called insider is reported as saying: ”I can only tell people so many times to stop swearing. They get excited, most of the time it’s harmless, not necessarily directed at anyone, just how people speak. But we’re responsible for stopping it.”


Tell the consumerwatchfoundation.com what you think … is Humphrey Smith right … should we return to old fashioned values?

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