editor Leigh G Banks introduces our  Slovak writer’s latest amazing healthy eating recipe … Vegetarian and vegan meals are becoming firmly planted in the world’s fast-food industry. Taco Bell is looking at an entire new vegetarian menu, Chipotle has added vegetarian and vegan food to its output while Burger […]

Gourmet or gormless – why do people ignore each other and Photoshop their food? Recently I have noticed the rise of the gourmet restaurants. People flocking in their droves, to eat chunks of potatoes out of a plant pot or a piece of steak on the board it was carved on. […]

  This is without a doubt one of the most romantic and idyllic restaurants you will find. If you are looking for the ideal location to eat out and spend time relaxing with good company then you could not choose a better option. It’s not ostentatious, space with a little […]




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