What do you see in this photograph … it appeared on the bedroom wall of an ancient cottage in the Midlands and despite redecorating it cannot be hidden   Do you believe in GHOSTS? Or do you think the supernatural is super Fake News? Consumerwatchfoundation.com  www.consumerwatchfoundation.com begins a major series […]

THERE is a place in India where water buffalo are turned to stone by the desert sands, its a place where  pigs become so distracted by the ants living inside their snouts that they savage their young. This place is called The Darkness, a place where pieces of flesh dance […]

October 13, 2011, 5.30 pm, New Delhi: Night comes in like a disease in New Delhi, mosquitoes bring it in on their backs. As darkness falls stray dogs dodge blaring traffic and beggars melt into the roads. A bear dances for its supper in a stinking alleyway. Then the lights […]

This Property is Condemned Terror as love of my life is possessed by the ghost of a Victorian child killer After decades of strange happenings a married couple asked a group of scientific ghost hunters and three mediums to investigate their almost derelict ‘haunted’ house. Little did they know how it […]