Uncovering the tragic story of Senorita Maria Goya and her shrine by the side of a mountain road. IT WAS late evening and San Antonio was still a cauldron. The tourists were wilting visibly under the red sky.   Germans were scrupulously clean in their long shorts and red faces […]

THERE is a place in India where water buffalo are turned to stone by the desert sands, its a place where  pigs become so distracted by the ants living inside their snouts that they savage their young. This place is called The Darkness, a place where pieces of flesh dance […]

October 13, 2011, 5.30 pm, New Delhi: Night comes in like a disease in New Delhi, mosquitoes bring it in on their backs. As darkness falls stray dogs dodge blaring traffic and beggars melt into the roads. A bear dances for its supper in a stinking alleyway. Then the lights […]