Take that cancer! The bald truth of fighting killer together

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Rachel Brunsden and her husband Rob struck a joint blow for the world-wide battle against cancer.

Rachel, from Melbourne, a co-presenter on RTI.fm’s cult news show Postcard from Poprad and a writer for the consumrwatchfoundation.com, raised more than 4,000 Ozzy dollars for the campaign by having her head shaved.

Rob, an engineer who works in some of the hottest places in Australia, decided to go along for the ride to support of her.

He said: “I got so proud of her as I saw how determined she was  to raise big dosh, that I joined in. Besides, I needed a haircut!”

Rachel said: “Rob lost his Mother to Leukaemia several years ago. It was before our relationship began and I never had the pleasure of meeting her.

“He always saddens me when he tells stories about her and what an amazing woman she was. He also speaks about the insidious way blood cancer destroys the human body and the sadness he felt when he knew there was nothing, he could do to help her or take away her pain.”

The World’s Greatest Shave aims to raise money for research into blood cancer and finding a cure as well as supporting families who have a member suffering from Blood Cancer. Australia is a very large place and many people live far away from a big city hospital.

Treatment requires travel and accommodation for the family members for extended periods of time and The Leukaemia Foundation assists with these things so that families have one less thing to worry about while their loved one is in hospital.

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