Teddies used to lay bare the deadly truth about divorce

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A march is taking place in London to mark International Men’s Day.

The march is on March November 19 is being used to highlight the shocking number of male suicides across the world. 

IMD organisers say that recent World Health Organization (WHO) figures show   male life expectancy at birth in 2015 was 69 years; for females, it was 74 years.

Poole, the IMD coordinator for the UK, has written a book called Stop Male Suicide. He calls for family law reform and highlights the issues males face.
Glen says he wants to focus on the failings of the divorce courts which can lead to so many men killing themselves.

A spokesman for IMD said: “We aim to show the magnitude of the problem by taking teddies and dolls to parliament with our children’s first names attached. Each teddy or doll represents a child missing out on the love of a father, grandfather, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins. After the event the teddies and dolls will be donated to a children’s charity.”


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3 thoughts on “Teddies used to lay bare the deadly truth about divorce

  1. The laws need to change. I spent almost two years fighting for my daughter. I had no help or supposed financially, me ex partner didnt pay a penny. In the end i won as i was a very fit, loving father and against special services recomendations i won ad a father. But even now i am forever worried about whats next, working about if i turn up to collect my daughter will she be there or will mum have ran away. Maby day i still think why bothered any more. The though crossed my mind many times to give up. But that would be to east and would made mums very happy and as much as i wanna give up i hate that my daughter mum will win.

  2. The march is this Saturday 19th November. 🙂
    I have come to this after 13 years of family court hearings where I was granted shared residence several times, only for the mother to breach the order to the detriment of both myself and my son. Big thank you to imd and all the groups and individuals that will make this a success.

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