Telling the truth about Parental Alienation

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Tomorrow begins publishing the true horror stories of what it is like to be a victim of Parental Alienation, a syndrome which is slowly being recognised in the UK as something which causes incalculable damage to children, parents and their extended families.

Parental Alienation is when one parent undermines the role of the other by turning a child against them following a separation.

Recently there have been three breakthroughs in the UK following a national and international campaign against the syndrome … Last week CWF reported on a judge who is set to decide whether the human rights of two children have been affected by the syndrome.

The same judge has just ordered a council to pay the children’s father £15,000 after he was accused of sexual abuse and prevented from seeing his children for two years.

And in another glimmer of hope the head of the Britain’s family courts agency has finally agreed divorced and estranged parents who deliberately turn their children against ex-partners are guilty of abuse.

Anthony Douglas, chief executive of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, has publically come out against “parental alienation” admitting that manipulation of children by a parent has become so endemic in family break-ups that it should be dealt with like any other form of neglect or abuse.

And a spokesman for the Welsh government has pledged to help victims of Parental alienation. In a statement the devolved government said: “There are benefits children derive from having an ongoing positive relationship with both parents, as long as it is safe and in their best interest.

“To support parents who are separating we are developing information and advice services to help them focus upon how they can best support their children and make arrangements that meet their long term emotional needs.”

Andrew Teague who set up the D.A.DS. (dads against double standards) website to campaign against PA, said: “Finally, our group and the many other groups battling against parental alienation, can take some comfort in what has been said … but it doesn’t mean the battle is over. Now we need to get the law to see it as a crime.”

Tomorrow, read the first in a hard-hitting series of stories about PA told in the words of the victims themselves.  Names and addresses have  been omitted from the stories to protect the identities of the children involved.

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  1. I was also informed by family court that I could send a card, phrases like
    I love you, I miss you, were also not allowed under instruction of the court

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