The ancient mountainside village where folk is becoming the lore

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Východná is a strange little place, pinned as it is either side of a busy main Slovak road under Crooked Mountain.

On  an average day it is a brooding watchful place where strangers are scrutinised without the hint of a smile.

Východná is isolated and surrounded by rolling fields, sentinel forests and high glowering mountains.

Yet, as always in this beautiful enigmatic country it only takes a nod or a smile from a passing traveller or tourist and the village opens like a history book and Východná becomes a place you want to stay.

And this little village of 2,500 people can teach you plenty.

The earliest records put Východná  on the map in the 13th century but it really began to come in to its own in 1953 when a large medieval-looking open air theatre began to be used  for one of the major folklore festivals in the country.

This year it hosted  Folklorny Festival Vychodna under the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic, organized by the National Educational Center and co-organizer is the village.

An interview with the people who are dancing back through time …

This year and were invited to the event. With our interpreter Tina Penxova and chief researcher Andrea Martin we gathered films, pictures – and a recorded interview with traditional dance curators and teachers.


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